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It’s Time to Podcast Like it’s 2012

I recently saw that velvet chokers are in this fall. Yikes folks, yikes. I am not an early adopter by any means, but I got this horrible trend out of my system back in seventh grade. Along with babydoll dresses, and knee socks.

You know what I like? Things that everyone else has talked about for years and years, and then I discover it and realize it’s great. And then I get mad at myself for not getting with the program years earlier. My most recent “late to the game” duh moment pertains to podcasts. Yep, podcasts. You say “welcome to the party Sarah”. Thanks all, I brought Crystal Clear Pepsi and Zots. Have you tried them? Amazing.

It all started a few weeks ago, when my friend Mary began listening to Serial. You know, the amazing podcast that blew up the world in 2014? I, the tech giant that I am, didn’t even know there was a podcast app already on my iphone. Nor that if I downloaded them, they wouldn’t use any data, and I could stream them in the car or when I walk with Bennett. Does everyone else know about these things??? I had my iphone for over a year before I realized there was a flashlight on there.

So, I listened to Serial, years behind everyone else, and I really enjoyed it. A little known (boring) fact about me is that I have a BA in Criminal Justice. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, and it was a great fit for a degree. Also, I have been watching Law and Order since I was like nine. Probably not appropriate for a nine-year old, but I loved it and still love it any time I can catch an episode on TNT. So, I have always been fascinated with things related to crime and punishment. Therefore, Serial was totally up my alley, and it sparked my interest in all things podcast. So, in the spirit of sharing, and wanting to learn more about the “new fangled tech” that is the podcast, I’d love to hear your favorites!

  1. Serial. Yeah, it’s a cliche, but I really enjoyed it. If you have listened to it, what are your thoughts? Did Adnan do it???? Someone give me ANSWERS.
  2. How I Built This on NPR. Ohhhhh, I listened to one episode, and then quickly downloaded as many as I could get my hands on. Each episode, they interview an entrepreneur and find out how their product came to be, how they grew their company, and where their success came from, and I love it so very much. Listening to people who are so passionate about something they created is inspiring and makes me happy.
  3. Stuff You Missed in History Class. I’m not 100% certain how I feel about this one after two episodes. Something about the host’s voices gets my dander up a little bit. But it is still an in-depth look at moments in history. I loooooooove me some history, and given that I say super cool things like “gets my dander up”, this podcast lets me nerd out.
  4. Undone. This podcast hasn’t actually started yet, but I have subscribed to it, so when episodes come out on November 14th, it can be all up in my ear holes. “Undone is a new show from Gimlet Media that digs up the surprising things that happened when we weren’t looking”. Sounds intriguing, right?
  5. BBC World Service Global News. I would always stream NPR on my work computer, and the best part of the day was from 1-2 pm when the BBC News would come on. I secretly resented any clients that were put on my schedule during that part of the afternoon, because I needed my daily fix of Owen Bennett Jones. And no, I did not name my son after a BBC reporter. This podcast is a 30 minute daily recap of news around the world. And we all need to know more about the world around us people. A new friend of mine is Canadian, and she was recently asked by an American client “where is Canada anyway? We Americans know a lot about ourselves, but not a lot about anyone else. Frankly, because we don’t care about anyone else”. Yikes. Not all Americans are like that dude, but even those of us who um, know where our northern border neighbor is, can stand to learn more about global society. And even if you retain very little, at least the newscasters have very pleasant voices. Those Brits are so straightforward and give such honest interviews. It must be from living to the south of Brazil. Or somewhere around there. I don’t know. Geography is confusing.
  6. Crimetown. This is another series that hasn’t started yet, but I am super excited about. Each season, the hosts will “investigate the culture of crime in a different American city”. I can’t wait!
  7. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! I’ve always loved this show, when I happen to be in the car at 10 am on a Saturday. And all too often, others are in the car with me, and don’t find it as funny. TROY. The podcast at my convenience is even better than Carl Kasell’s voice on my  voicemail.

So, there is my list. Five podcasts I have listened to, and enjoyed, and two that I am anxious to start streaming. But, I have a lot of cleaning, cooking, driving, and walking to do, and I would love more suggestions on what I should be filling my head with! What are your favorite podcasts? Which ones do I need in my life? And would you like a Zima?

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30 comments on “It’s Time to Podcast Like it’s 2012”

  1. I love 99 percent invisible – twenty minutes on an interesting subject, generally about “design” but in a very large sense. The production values are great and the host has the most amazing voice. I also really like personal finance podcasts, notably Martinis and Your Money and Afford Anyhing. I really enjoyed Presidential, which is coming to a close this week – about an hour every week about every President. It was a great history lesson.

  2. I just recently discovered my love of podcasts too. A few favorites are Young House Love has a Podcast and Surprisingly Awesome.
    On Surprisingly Awesome they take a seemingly boring topic (broccoli for instance) and fond surprisingly interesting things about it.

  3. My top six:

    The Moth
    Death, Sex, and Money
    99% Invisible
    Note To Self

    And when I can’t sleep I listen to This American Life, which streams 24/7.

  4. Radiolab! That podcast has left me crying, laughing, covered in goosebumps, and it is hands down a podcast I recommend whole heartedly. It’s amazing.

    The Moth is also excellent – true stories told by people. The overly simplified statement does not capture how it embraces all of humanity: the successes, the heartbreaks, and the ups and downs.

  5. I second the Myths & Legends podcast. I also like The Adventure Zone. It’s brothers and their dad playing Dungeon and Dragons. It’s nerdy and very funny.

  6. I listen to podcast all the time. I use an app called Stitcher instead of the native iphone podcast app. I have a long list of podcasts that I listen to. World News Roundup, NPR Story of the Day, NPR Business Story of the Day, PBS News Hour-Education, This American Life, Freakanomics, Radiolab, NPR Planet Money, Weird Medicine with Doctor Steve, Second Opinion, NPR Environment, NPR Car Talk, TED Radio Hour, The Moth. Those are the ones at the top of me list. My problem is I can’t keep up with my podcasts because I like listening to audiobooks.

    Check out how to download audiobook from your library. My library uses the following apps OverDrive, OneClick digital, and Hoopla

  7. Serial season 2 is great too and My Favorite Murder

  8. I listen to mostly sewing & knitting podcasts, & I enjoyed Serial, too, but my absolute favorite is The Smartest Man in the World podcast, with Gregg Proops. NSFW, insightful, enlightened, & incredibly hilarious 😀

  9. I love podcasts too! A few I haven’t seen listed yet, History Chicks, Queens of England, History of Egypt, stuff they don’t want you to know, if you like a serialized story Leviathan chronicles was great.

  10. I have actually never listened to podcasts! Usually it’s so dang loud in my house with all 6 kids adding their unique blend to the cacophony . I try to have it as quiet as possible in the background. Though, I think I may check out the BBC one you mentioned 😉 maybe while my 4 oldest are in school.