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Time Warp House Photos. And a Perm

Earlier this week my mom was going through some old photos we found during the garage clean out. There were a lot of throw away photos, but two really stuck out to me.

I showed this one to Troy and told him to “not hate the playa, hate the game” to which he asked “what game were you playing exactly”? The freaking awesome perm game of course. And yes, that does look like Jack with a permed wig on.


But what strikes me when I look at it is not the awesome hair (it’s stunning, I know), but the change in the house. This photo was taken from the same angle on Tuesday.


Giant space and heat sucking fireplace – gone
Carpet seconds from the Golden Girls set – gone
Huge heavy pieces of furniture – gone
Popcorn ceiling – gone

In its place? Clean lines. Wood floors. Avengers ball.

And this gem. Man, the 90’s were amazing for fashion. I like how my grandpa is randomly wearing a suit, and my dad is in cut off shorts.


Same angle of the house from Tuesday:


Oh look, another ball in the living room.

I wake up most mornings and think about how we still need to redo the vanity and tile floor in our master bath. And then I walk in the kitchen and grimace. But, when I see photos of way, way back…goodness. I know it was a long year for Troy scraping all that popcorn off the ceilings. And painting. And then I think about Troy and my father-in-law watching a Youtube to learn how to install wood floors. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went in to making this house “ours”.

There may still be a lot to do, but wow, we have come so far.

And thankfully, I ran as fast as I could away from that perm.

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6 comments on “Time Warp House Photos. And a Perm”

  1. I love that your house has so many windows!

    First time commenting on your blog but I have reading your blog for awhile now. Love it because you are so funny and honest!

    • We adore our windows, but they are very old. Keeping the place cool in the summer and warm in the winter is always a fun game of musical insulated curtains.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I wanna know what that cut-out in the window in the third picture was!!

    • Yes! That was my question too! I thought it was only my family that did weird things like have a cardboard cutout in the dining room.

    • Ha, my family had so many over the years, it is hard to know for sure! We used to have a Bartels and James (wine coolers?) when I was really young. There was a Pretty Woman one for awhile. I can’t remember them all to be honest.