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Using Coconut Oil to Remove Eye Makeup

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a huge fan of coconut oil for cooking and crafting.  Just when I think I’ve found all the cool uses for coconut oil, BAM, I find something else that rocks my world.

At my optometrist appointment last year, my eye doctor expressed concern for little bumps I had on the rims of my eyelids (yum).  I wear contacts, and he said that the bumps along with my contact use could eventually impact my vision.  He prescribed me lots of “hot compresses” and pressure on my eye to clear up the bumps.

They didn’t budge.  Stupid bumps.  The optometrist said that he would have to prescribe me something to clear those up.  Um, no thanks!

I started using coconut oil to remove my eye makeup at night, and after about a week’s use, the little eyelid bumps were gonzo.

Bye bye bumps.

My bumps.

My bumps.

My lovely optical bumps.

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20 comments on “Using Coconut Oil to Remove Eye Makeup”

  1. I use coconut oil to wash my whole face by the “oil cleansing method” AND as a general body and face moisturizer. So simple! Its the only thing that heals the razor burn from shaving my legs.

    • I tried it as part of the OCM, but I found it too drying. Are you having that problem? What other oil do you use for OCM? I do jojoba and castor.

  2. Maybe I’ll put some in my ear…. couldn’t hurt?

  3. I’ll have to try this! I have some of those annoying bumps just below my left eye…and so does Unta Jim!

  4. I love coconut oil! New follower! You can visit me at

  5. I plan to try this asap!

  6. ok, I have this one bump in my lashes at the corner of my left eye and thought it was a zit or something, and I picked at it for a time, but I couldn’t get any joy and it never came to a point – though it did hurt after the attempted abuse. I was wondering if this could be the same thing you have? er had? I would try the coconut oil method, but it’s rather expensive where I live and it is not readily available (or i haven’t looked for it yet really) Also, I’ve gotten a job where I don’t have to wear make-up! which I enjoy, as it takes 10 plus mins out of my morning rush, so no need for make-up remover on a daily basis. I will try the OCM you go on to mention, so I could incorporate the coconut oil that way… Can you tell me the name of this bumpy thingy? did your optometrist tell you what it was? I want to google it a bit more to know my enemy you dig? ah google helped… Comedones … ie whitehead of the eyelash… to be extracted by a dermatologist as you can poke your eye out if you try to remove it yourself… meh. will oil this baby up and see if it goes away…

    • He never gave me the name of what the bump is, but mine was on the lid of my eye lid. It sounds like yours is actually on your skin?

  7. Genius! I will be trying this! I use a natural makeup remover that I LOVE but its spendy enough for me to feel guilty. 🙂 Thanks dude!!

  8. Awesome tip, Sarah! May I ask what makeup remover you were using before? Also, is there a specific brand of coconut oil you would recommend? Mine is very liquid-y. The coconut oil I’ve seen you use in your other genius creations look thicker.

    Thanks for all of your witty, informative and I-can’t-wait-to-try recipes!

    • When coconut oil gets warm it turns to liquid, when cooler it’s a solid. Try a virgin unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. Dr.Bronners is awesome and seems to be the best priced. I find mine at new seasons and it runs around $10.00

  9. I get my coconut oil at, best prices on anything nutritional

  10. I remembered this post when I found I had yet another eye irritation (sometimes I rub in my sleep, sometimes it’s allergies). I used the coconut oil and the allergy bumps and itching disappeared overnight! Tempted to try it on my little dog’s eye bump/sty….he is skittery and will not do well if we have to have the vet remove it. Thanks for the tip… I keep hearing about more uses for coconut oil!!


  11. I love to use coconut oil in our food and for nourishing hairs.I am shocked to hear it is also used to clear bumps of eyes.Nice post !! Dry Eye Syndrome

  12. Costco now carries coconut oil

  13. The little bumps are called milia. They are tiny cyst that have no outlet and are trapped under a thick layer of skin. My dermatologist used a razor to pierce the thick skin then they came out. Since I had them removed I have 2 more so I’m definately going to try the coconut oil.

  14. wicked! also baby oil is simple and cheap and natural