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Underneath it all

I received an email last week after my confession posts, where a (now former) reader said that by saying I wanted to push Kanye West off a cliff, slap Justin Bieber, and cut Miley Cyrus’ tongue off, I was basically committing cyber bullying.

We had a great back and forth discussion that was extremely civil and I think we both learned a lot.  In the end, she chose to no longer be a reader, and in the end, I remain committed to the idea that anyone who has a) read my blog for any length of time would know I was just being sarcastic b) no child on earth should be reading my blog and c) I have to stay true to myself.  The rest of this post was just inspired by the exchange, but in no way am I disparaging the woman who took the time to email me.  She was standing up for what she felt was right, and I have to respect that.

In one of the email exchanges, she indicated disbelief that I would use aggressive language like that in real life, or if given the chance if I would say those things to the people’s faces.

Here’s the thing, I would.

Well, I would only say it to Kanye if there were armed guards around.  I’ve seen what he has been doing to photographers lately!

Over the years, I’ve gotten a few such emails as the one I described above.  I’m lucky in that they’ve all been super civil, never cruel, but all basically saying the same thing “you need to consider the (fill in the blank) population when you are writing”.

Let me tell you what.  If you ask anyone who really knows me in real life, my writing is exactly how I talk.  Most of the time, really stupid shit comes out of my mouth, but all my true friends know that when something dumb comes out, it is meant to a) be funny b) fill in the dead air when something sad has happened and I have NO idea what to say.

So, to accuse me of presenting a false version of who I am, well that is just beetle headed.  And I’d say that to your face if we were in real life.

In real life, I am a really weird and complicated person.  In real life, I would do anything to put a smile on your face when you are stressed out or sad.  In real life, the shit that comes out of my mouth is just as dumb as the shit you read here.

In my real life, I almost never see my husband.  In real life, my only choice is to allow this bullshit lifestyle we live to continue on, or know that he is fucking miserable at a normal job for the rest of his life.  When faced with that situation, I don’t have any good choices, so I chose the one that causes me to die inside a little each day because my life isn’t anything like I thought it would be.

As a result, the one constant my son has in his life is me.  It is me who wakes him up, feeds him, bathes him, and puts him to bed EVERY NIGHT.  I don’t get to go to the gym, or go out with friends, join a book club, or do anything that requires me to attend regularly like a weeknight church group etc.  I’m out of choices in that regard.

The ONE fucking choice it seems like I have left is to write what the fuck I what, when I fucking want to.

Just like you have the choice to read it or not.  I’m not in any way saying that you can’t email me and tell me that something I said didn’t sit well with you, but just understand that before you hit send, I’m going to link you back to this post.  It’s not that I don’t want to engage with you and email back and forth, it’s just that if I were to write how you seem to want me to write, I’d be presenting a false version of me.  In my three years of writing, what I’ve found is that no one (really) wants to read a blog by someone who acts perfect, seems to never have mini breakdowns, or they can’t relate to.  There are plenty of blogs out there for you to read if you’d like any of the above, but let me tell you – they’re written by fucking liars.

As humans, we’re complicated as hell.  I don’t doubt that at some point something I will say will get stuck in your craw,  It’s gonna happen, so just know in advance that I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I’m not a robot.  I make mistakes and stuff like that.  We all do.

I have absolutely no idea what this post is actually about.  It’s a brain dump.  Written diarrhea.  Just trying to get everything out that is floating around in my head and keeping me from sleeping.  Who the hell knows.

I’m going to sleep now. 

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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100 comments on “Underneath it all”

  1. This entire post is basically why I read your blog. All of those perfect stay at home mom ninnies with their perfect kids, and perfect pantry, and perfect garden…can suck it. I prefer a foul-mouthed honest woman, myself. Also, I would like to push Kayne off a cliff as well, just sayin’. Keep up the awesomeness, and I’ll keep reading.

    • Um, in total agreement with this reply, as well as this super great awesome “brain dump” of a post. I’m not much for commenting on the very few blogs I follow – but, let me tell you – I started out reading about 10-15 blogs when I had the time (email updates, etc etc.) and it has been drastically pared down to 5…FIVE – and all because they are all real, relatable, awesome, funny, smart women who I can laugh with for a few minutes during the day. Keep up the amazing and consistently entertaining work – I, for one, think your blog is great. Life is never what we picture it to be like – anyone who says it is, might just be delusional…or on something. You’re doing a great job. ;]

  2. I completely agree with Stacie! Keep it up!

  3. Well you lost one reader you gained another reader, me! haha. I love how funny and honest you are. You want to push Kanye I want to punch him in his freaking face then push him. Sadly, some people are so sensitive and narrow minded with no sense of humor. I agree with Stacie. I’m a stay at home home now and I can’t seem to get it together. Keep it real and don’t change. I love this blog.

  4. I am 100% in full support of you. I can relate to the husband being gone all the time thing, and how can I fault mine when he works for Habitat for Humanity? It makes me feel like an evil person to even consider it. I love that you can be yourself, and I feel like “if it were in real life” we’d probably be great friends. This is the blog I go to every day to see if there is a new post, because you never fail to make me laugh and give me great new ideas. I feel like saying “Don’t ever change” I’m signing your yearbook in a really lame way, but I enjoy reading your blog, and I hope that you never start trying to please everyone. The people that like you will always keep reading, and the people that don’t can go read something else. My mom used to always say, “People get mad. They either get over it, or they aren’t worth the trouble it takes to keep them in your life in the first place.” And now that I’m a grown up, I find that to be so true. Keep writing. I’ll keep reading, and I’m sure that so many others will as well.

    • I don’t think you’re an evil person to want your husband around, no matter what keeps him away. We’re human beings who selfishly want the people we married to actually BE HOME SOMETIMES.

      If we’re signing yearbooks, in the spine of yours, I’m going to write “rose are red, violets are black, I’m the first to write in your crack”.

    • Hilarious. And well played!

  5. I fucking love your rants and general style. ♡♥♡

    • Why thank you. Also, the heart thing looked at first glance like the uterus that Kevin Arnold’s gym teacher drew on the board for Paul during sex ed.

  6. I love your blog. I love that you say what you really mean, that you are honest, and don’t worry about pleasing every single person on earth who might read your blog. You don’t need to. This is your space, and people have forgotten that everyone has opinions and things aren’t always PC or whatever. I say keep on keepin’ on, and remember you have freedom of speech, and they have freedom to not read what they don’t want to read.

  7. Can we be friends?


    Your words in this post are the exact reason why I keep coming back, week after week. You make me feel human. Party on, sister.

  8. This post is exactly the reason I love your blog so much. You are a real person with real problems and struggles, just like the rest of us. Much love and support to you and yours.

  9. I love your blog, can’t even remember now how I found you but the first time I read here I bookmarked you. Don’t stop writing in your real voice, that is why I read you. You can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself, did I just steal that from some song? Kind of sounds familiar but I am a blonde so things like memory are not that great. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Without googling that, I actually know the answer to that. yes, it is a song from “The Garden Party” by one of the Nelsons (Ricky?). He wrote it about going to the Madison Square Garden to perform with other cooler bands and not getting a great reception.

      Is it sad I know that? Probably, but I can relate. I’ll never be the coolest person in the room, and I have just accepted that!

  10. I absolutely LOVE you and your blog! You and my favorite aunt are the only who say the f-word without making me cringe. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that you are YOU always. Life is HARD–for EVERYONE, and anyone who can deny that is just as you said–lying! I appreciate your honesty more than you know. ๐Ÿ™‚ THANK YOU for being amazing!!!!

  11. To disagree with something someone says is one thing…to try and control what someone says is another, and there is too much of that going on these days. Im glad you are continuing to write and say what YOU feel! As I have always said also, there is a delete button or a change the channel button!! Have a great day!!

  12. I have a deep appreciation for how real you are. Nothing gets under my skin more than fakiness.
    When I read those other blogs that paint a serene picture of life one of two things happen depending on my mood: 1) I began questioning and doubting myself, causing me to further struggle with whatever issues are weighing on me at that time; 2) I want to scream at the writer (and sometimes I do scream at the computer screen) and tell them I know they are lying, like you said ๐Ÿ™‚
    You and your blog make this world a better place. Reading your writing helps me keep my sanity, educates me, and most importantly makes me laugh!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you, and keep on keeping on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I doubt myself for about 5 seconds, and then realize they’re of course lying! You can’t grow all your own food, homeschool your kids, and try to tell me your house is immaculate condition. BS!

  13. Hugs to you, my potty-mouthed friend. You can’t please everybody… not even God has figured that one out. So keep moving upward and onward. We enjoy your witty remarks.

  14. If a reader doesn’t like your style and stops following you, then that is their loss. I enjoy your posts (and acronyms!!) and, clearly, so do many, many more!
    Good for you for not bashing the email-sender and I hope you feel better now that you have gotten this off your chest.

    Although, I have to admit, I feel a little guilty now because, quite a while ago, before I posted a photo on my own, neglected blog, that included my sugar container…. I cleaned it! And shoved all the crap on my counter out of the frame…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. You GO, Girl!! You have spunk and speak your mind. I thought we were allowed to do that!

  16. You are my favorite blog to read. I am so sick of this idea that we have to pretend to be something we aren’t to please other people. I talk in a similar fashion and understand I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I say fuck when I feel like it and joke a lot. Some people would think it’s wrong to tell my teenager I’m going to punch her in the throat but she and I know it’s funny ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. I am thankful for civil disputes and freedom of choice. Of course, any sort of confrontations scares the shit out of me, but yay you for handling it well!

    I love your blog, your writing style, your sense of humor, your thriftiness, etc. If I come across something that you write that I don’t particularly agree with or isn’t particualrly intersting to me, I just don’t read it and wait anxiously for the next post. The cool thing about humans is we are all different. If we all had the same thoughts and beliefs, life would be so stinking boring
    Keep up the awesomeness!

    • Tina, me too – I am the least confrontational person in the world. I turn in to an ostrich and just want to stick my head in the sand. BUT…since it was via email and I wasn’t feeling attacked, I went with it.

  18. amen sister!! I’m not a regular follower but check in when I have a chance. Those people in the media you mentioned – I frankly don’t know much about, but hear of them making an ass of themselves on what little “news ” i get to turn on. Which isn’t news I care about. I live by the I wear what I want and try to get all my crap done from day to day and hopefully instill more wisdom than cuss words in my kid ( he knows them all, unfortunately) If you don’t like the way I look, ever so plain and tired – than don’t look. So I say, it’s your blog, write whatever the hell you want!!

  19. I love your blog and your foul mouth. So often we have to be *good* in our everyday lives..It’s refeshing to come home and read funny stuff to de-stress. I do follow a lot of feel-good blogs, but I consider you one of them,cause you make me laugh. That’s me being a complicated,different human ;)..I like a lot of different things! Keep writing the way you do….please:)

  20. Listen, sometimes your writing is the only laugh in my day. You don’t try to lure people in by saying you’re Patty Perfect and then smack them in the face with profanity. And seriously, who DOESN’T want to push Kanye off a cliff? I’m sure we could sell tickets and amass a fortune. Apparently, someone missed the Freedom of Speech lecture in her American Government class in middle school. I say BE GONE nay sayers! Carry on Sarah! Well done!

  21. I “Fucking” love it. Life is to short to live your life for other people. I love your blog and I as well as by my count, 20+ other people are behind you. Btw Miley Cyrus makes me want to get tested for everything just watching the tv so dont feel bad. Shes gross, and your awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I love your blog and like to see the great things that enter your mind because I think that they are in most of brains at one time or another. I don’t thing that you need to worry about the famous people following your blog and taking offense nor do I think that you would really follow through presented with the opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚ A day at home with a young boy often makes anyone a little batty (especially after dealing with all the office craziness) and without a break of something, we love to hear your thoughts and be your support!!

    • I am totally picturing Miley curling up on the couch in her jammies saying “I need to save some of my twerking money. Let’s google “how to be frugal”. Oh, look at this blog that popped up. Wait a second…”.

  23. Sarah!! The whole reason I come here every day is because you are REAL. I’m glad the back-and-forth between you two was civil. It’s her prerogative to choose not to read any more, just as it’s yours to keep on keeping it real.

    FTR, I want to kick Kanye in the crotch, spit on his neck, THEN push him off a cliff. And, he should take that mop-headed Justin Beiber with him. Both of them should be handcuffed to that hot mess, Miley Cyrus!!

    Ok, I think I’ve spewed enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  24. rock on. i read your blog every day for your authenticity, so thank you for sticking to your guns. what’s that quote? something like, “the surest way to be miserable is to try to make everyone else happy.” something like that. anyway, make yourself happy. i don’t know you personally, but as a faithful reader, i’m proud of you.

  25. Ahem. *sings to the tune of “It’s My Party”* It’s your blog and you can write what you want to, write what you want to, wriiiite what you want tooo… You would rant too, if it happened to yoooou! *bows*

  26. You’re awesome. Never change your tone in your writing.

  27. Amen sister…keep it up. If people don’t like it- get the fuck gone with you I say….

  28. I love reading your blog. I receive it 10 minutes beforeI leave work every day. You’re real, I can relate to most of it, and is always read with a smile on my face. Keep it up!
    P.S. Can we be BFF’s??!

  29. Listen, cyber bullying? Kanye West? Seriously? You shoulda started off your response email with….”Im gonna let you finish but…” and then ranted about beyonce writing the best email of all time.

    I read your blog everyday, absolutely love your personality and humor. The beauty of the internet is that if you don’t like what you are reading, it doesn’t apply to you, you hate the font, whatever, you can move on. There is more internet available to you. Its your blog and your responsibility to be honest to yourself amd your readers.

    Keep up the good work.

    That being said….is there any hope on the horixon for your hubby to be home more? Its obvious that you bust your ass off (not saying he doesn’t) but you deserve a life too.

    Take care, thanks for blogging!

    • “Im gonna let you finish but…” and then ranted about beyonce writing the best email of all time.

      I think I just died 1,000 deaths.

      As far as Troy being home more…that depends on when/if he can find a full-time fire fighting job. Right now he is working two jobs, but none equal a full-time fire job. If he can go to full-time, he’d work 24 hours, and then off for 48. And you know, have benefits, and sick leave, and vacation, and normal shit that he has NEVER EVER HAD.

    • I hope he finds something soon. You need a break!

  30. I’m sorry I offered to help you push Kanye West off a cliff. Wait . . no, I’m not sorry, for I think even Kanye would like to push *himself* off a cliff.
    Keep it real.

    • Don’t apologize, he needs it! Maybe with his demise, Bieber can inherit the clothes from Kanye’s clothing line?

      I’m sure Nori wants to push her own dad off of a cliff.

  31. Yeahhhhh! I will echo Stephanie and say, “Who doesn’t want to push Kanye off a cliff?” Write on, sista, and stay true to your voice. I always found it funny how someone can get offended by something someone else said that wasn’t even directed at them, or take literally what is clearly meant to be funny. Some readers be craaaaaaazy!

  32. I like how someone used the word “ninnies” haha. In full support of this blog and the way you f-ing write it! You rule!

  33. I agree, great blog. I love when someone is not afraid to say Fuck … Thanks!

  34. You go girl! I’m with you, and frankly, both Bieber and Miley are spoiled brats leading a far too entitled life for no good reason at all! Neither one has enough talent to matter and are just symptomatic of what’s wrong with our so called entertainers. And frankly, some of the people who feel they must comment on things like your blog need to get a sense of humor and quit feeling they must make us all conform to their senseless lives. Okay?

  35. You were the first blog that I wanted to (and do) follow. Your wit and charm have me eagerly awaiting new posts.

    Keep on, keepin’ on.

  36. After moving to Australia from the US eight years ago, I found that I had to change myself more and more to fit into society here. However, when I stumbled upon your blog six months ago, I felt like my old US self was let out! You say all the things that most people are thinking but feel that can’t share. Welcome to my world where Australians hide anything of importance and never talk about personal difficulties. Thank you for your refreshing honesty. Your posts often make my week, and they make me laugh like I haven’t in a very long time!

    • I had no idea that Australians weren’t all chatty about their personal problems! From what I understand (from my limited fictional reading), Australians sure do like to cuss though. Is that correct?

    • Oh my word, Aussies would rather have a leg taken off by a shark than actually admit they have a problem! All I every hear when attempting more than a surface level conversation is, “She’ll be right mate.”

      And Aussies outside the major cities would make a drunken sailor blush.

    • Oh, Jen, you just haven’t met the right ones! I’ll bore you to tears “sharing” my life!

  37. I’m still cracking up days later about the “being late for church” confession. I confess I utter those exact words on almost a daily basis, no matter where I’m going.

  38. Are we sisters? Because what you say is just like what I would say, and Momma has a cow whenever I drop the “F Bomb.” Don’t stop being yourself. Love you!! <3

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

    • I am attempting to paraphrase here, so let me know if I got it wrong.

      You don’t like swearing, but you read my blog in spite of my swearing.
      You think it is weird that other people like my swearing. What I think the other people are saying (in regards to liking my swearing) is that it isn’t the swearing itself that they like, but the fact that because I am swearing means I am showing my true voice and am not putting on a show.

      I think I got that all. Maybe? Who knows.

  40. Amazing blog! You are such an inspiration. Keep it up!

  41. No one HAS to follow a blog. It is a choice. No one HAS to comment on a blog. It is a choice. If someone chooses to criticize your blog for something that, to anyone who has followed the blog for any amount of time, is completely NORMAL, is…what?? Hypocritical? Holier-than-thou?? A douche-bag???

  42. Thank you for being true to yourself. I read your blog because I love your Voice! Never ever fucking change my dear.

  43. Wow, Sarah, I don’t know you, but I have a huge respect for you. This is a blog, not an advertisement to buy a product. You don’t have to consider your audience when you write. We have to consider the author when we subscribe. If I don’t like who you are or your writing style, I shouldn’t subscribe. That’s a pretty simple concept. I’m glad you and the reader worked it out respectfully.

    Please keep the sarcasm and dumb shit coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Amen sistah! There is only one person that can be the real authentic you and that is you! I’m glad that you keep it real.

  45. I adore the fuck outta you.

  46. THIS is why I have read your blog from the beginning. You are REAL and don’t put on a false persona. Keep being yourself!

  47. You need to do you. And I have to remind myself all the time online that you can’t please all of the people all of the time no matter what and if certain people’s delicate sensibilities are constantly wounded by what they read on the internet (especially a blog as innocuous as this one) then perhaps they need to rethink their expectations of the internet. You are the least offensive blog I’ve ever read. I enjoy what you do. Don’t change, please.

  48. I have been reading your blog ever since my daughter found your Vick’s Discs on Pinerest over a year ago. (No, I have not made them thus far. And probably won’t. I am an idea person, not so great with the following through with them.)
    I confess I read your blog because I must be some sort of stalker….your adventures with Jack, the chickens, your hubby and his guy ways….all of these things are like some type of saga and I want to know how things are going.
    Your wit and sarcasm are charming….and I think that anyone that cannot tell when you are being a smart-ass online wouldn’t be able to tell in person either.
    Ps. Your parents are in my thoughts and prayers….dealing with an illness sucks. They must be pretty great people if their daughter is any indication!

    • Ha, I have a whole list of things that I don’t actually want to do, but I like the idea of wanting to do them. Understand?

      I’m fairly certain you’re not a stalker!

      Thanks for the prayers for the gimps. They’re doing pretty well (as well as can be expected. They’re wonderful peeps.

  49. Amen, sister. Thanks for letting me still read even though we dashed your hopes of a turquoise TV stand. ๐Ÿ˜‰ With all that you have going on in your life in addition to the time it takes you to share it with us, you’re pretty much superwoman in my eyes…and have I mentioned a friend of mine here is seriously your doppelganger? It’s spooky, really.

    • I still shake my fist and you and your mother. ;-D

      I haven’t heard about your friend, the doppelganger (and BTW, I love that you use that. I use that word at least once a month and people look at me like I’m crazy). Send me a photo of my twin?

  50. I am a new reader, age 61, and was rather surprised by your confessions. All I can say is, if we all did mandatory confessions every week I know I for one would probably have a lot less stress in my life. Carry On and Keep It Up.

    • Amen to that – we’d all feel a wee bit better if we didn’t put so much effort in to making everyone else think that our real life isn’t that real.

  51. You are such a meanie and I never want to read your vile filth again…..

    ….so, still doing the Homemade Mondays, right?

    It’s the internet, which too many people take way too seriously. Of course those same “too serious” people tend to not take many things as seriously and normal folks think they should.

    Go figure.

  52. I love your blog and have followed it for (wow…. years????) years! Your wit has always put a smile on my face. I love that you are so real. I love that I feel like we would be friends. (Another stalker alert??) Stay true! Stay blogging! I learn a lot of cool stuff from you even if I actually only “do” or “make” about 20% of it… I’m an idea person like Brenda (a few comments back!) I WILL be making my own vanilla extract this month though. I will! Or maybe next month.

  53. The reason I read your blog on a daily basis is because you are exactly the way you are. Funny, raw, and real. Many times you sound like me or one of my friends: Foul mouthed, dry sarcasm, and absolutely hilarious.
    If someone doesn’t like it they can go suck it and find one of the bazillion “Martha Stewart” blogs that abound out there.
    Keep on keeping on!

  54. Rock on Sister!!!! You are a light spot in my day EVERYDAY!!! I LOVE your rants because they are just like MINE!!! I too would slap all three of those idiots!!! And why do they make the news instead of almost ANYTHING else???? grrrrrrrr…..
    I think you should know you have a whole posse out here that backs you everyday!

  55. One time, you said something about Sasquatch’s balls and I laughed so hard I peed a little. This is the only blog I read and it’s because you are honest and hilarious. Keep on keepin’ on chick!

  56. It has not gone unnoticed that you haven’t posted in a few days. My fingers are crossed that it is because you are too busy having a wonderful time with family and friends.

    I have wanted to make elderberry syrup after reading about it here (coincidentally just a day after my neighbour was telling me how great elderberry syrup is, I figured it was fate) All four of us have already caught a cold before October (I rarely get sick!!) so I have a feeling it is going to be a bad winter for colds. I managed to trip over a local, raw honey supplier so I have that, but I have been searching stores around here (In a teeny section of Toronto, Ontario, Canada) but I can’t find any berries. There is no way in hell that I am buying what the neighbour bought at $18 for a small bottle! Now I am going to have to cave and order berries online.

    I’m blaming you. Just wanted you to know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  57. Since I have found your blog I like coming here once or twice a week to READ your posts / they are often hilarious and I quite agree with you about that girls tongue / ugh. I certainly didn’t see it as cyber bullying. I saw it as someone who goes onto the Net and there yet again is some story about her and her stupid tongue sticking out and one wishes the media had something better to report about than that, lol!

  58. Beware of the thought police! I think of comics like Roseanne…what would she be without her saracasm. We are living in a world of sleepwalkers…that need to be bitchslapped into wakefulness or something! Thanks for the post. It is right along the lines that I have been thinking lately! Extream metaphores, Extream examples may be needed to prod the population to start being afraid of the right things, and to stop being afraid of the wrong things!

  59. I soooooooo look forward to your blog and facebook posts. I can relate, sympathize, laugh until I (almost) pee. Your writing still encourages me to write my own blog, once I set aside some time devote to starting a blog. Haven’t quite figured out how to squeeze minutes or hours in somewhere between being primary income earner, parent, wife, foster dog mom, girl scout leader and wearing a whole host of other hats. PS – I still can’t figure out who to become something other than “unknown” when I comment. Stupid technology. Thanks! Monica

  60. Hang in there. I HATE, HATE, HATE how PC we are these days. You can’t crack a joke anymore without offending someone. I for one agreed with everything you said. For every one person who gets offended by what you say, there will be two or three who will back you up – and probably agree with what you’re saying, laughing all the while. And yes, I too nearly peed at the Sasquatch Balls comment – and also the post about onions and your husband’s farts.

    I’ve read nearly all of your posts, and it sounds like life has been really crazy for a long time. If it’s not too personal to ask, is there a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere? Is your DH’s job always going to be this crazy, or do you have some normalcy to look forward to sometime in the near future? Anyways, thank you for your honest and very funny posts. I for one will be back.

    BTW, October Unprocessed is going wonderfully. My morning blood sugar has been consistently down 75 to 100 points. No soda, no refined sugar (use evaporated cane juice), and virtually nothing with weird chemicals or natural flavorings. And LOTS and LOTS of new fabulous recipes. My pantry is looking a heck of a lot different, too – lots of real ingredients instead of preprocessed boxes.

    • Ha, I promise I wasn’t hiding. Absence explanation in my meal plan post for this week!

      The light at the end of the tunnel is Troy getting a full-time fire fighting job, which is kind of like opening a unicorn ranch (i.e., really really rare). I’d like us to set a timeline for the “ok, what’s next” plan, but so far that hasn’t been as well received!

      So glad to hear you are feeling good and doing well on it. It’s a lot more work at first, and the dishes nearly kill me on a weekly basis, but the food tastes so good and is so much better for you! Keep it up!

  61. Aw, I love you. Come live in a commune with me

  62. You were not a bully. that term is way over used! I love your blog! Good for you for staying strong.

  63. Forgot about the reader you lost and the one somewhere in these comments that was appalled and then deleted her comment. You talk about life in terms that are real sharing both the good and the bad. Not many people get how frustrating and hard it is when your spouse is never around. My husband travels too and while I love how happy it makes him, there are days when I want him here to help deal with the life we lead. But its the life I knew I was signing up for and Im in it. I love that you keep it real, dont ever stop!

  64. I pinned your Vicks disks a long ass time ago- and as I was organizing my Pinterest (I guess this makes me feel like I cleaned something today) I came across them again. I’m all closed into my room with My Vicks humidifier and my 5 gallon bucket of Vicks, sicker than a dog. I don’t have a voice- blah blah blah. Anyhow- I just kept reading and reading and now I am definitely a blog follower. I read all this- and loved it. You may have lost one ass-clown who felt compelled to give their two cents as a follower, but you gained my reading. You made me laugh so hard…. And I sound like Marge Simpson after a carton of Pall Malls at this point in time. So… I guess my point is that I’m making those Vicks pucks tomorrow for sure, and I’m not going to be following your blogs regularly!!! So keep being yourself- because your hilarious as can be! Thanks!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Love it. Love you. Keep writing what you want. I will read it. And laugh. Maybe with you, maybe at you, but life is about everybody being different and saying different things. And others maybe not agreeing. The more that life is filled with contrasts, the smarter it makes us all!

  66. you lose one but now you just gain one. I love that you use the F-bomb ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am going to stick around.

  67. You go girl! Personally, I don’t like the cussing/swearing, but hey, that’s me. I have the choice to continue or not in your company. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a #$%&.” I’m not deleting the bookmark I have to your page. You make me feel like I might not be the only one who doesn’t have it all perfect. Thanks.

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