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Unique Gift Ideas For Mom – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas with this list of Unique Gift Ideas for Mom. You won’t find the same old typical presents in this gift guide! Treat your mom to something special and creative this year.

gift guide containing creative ideas for mom (mother's day)

This will not look like your typical list of gift ideas for mom. I don’t give two craps about fashion. I would rather be stabbed in the eye with a spork than shop for purses. And a DIY at-home spa gift set makes no sense when I can’t fold my 6-foot self into our little bathtub.

One year I bought myself a clothesline, and to this day I still consider it the best Mother’s Day gift I have ever received. From myself.

And since you can’t put silence, not being touched/sneezed on, or just being alone for six hours on a gift guide, I present these unique gift ideas for mom.

Unique Gift Ideas For Mom – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I have this bird with a french fry sign up in my Harry Potter sewing closet and I love it. It used to hang in my office for years and it never stopped making me smile.
  2. Also in my sewing closet is this hilarious chickens cross the roads sign.
  3. How about an adorable metal water bottle made in the USA (here in Washington to be exact) to keep her hydrated? There is a chance I am addicted to these Liberty Bottleworks water bottles as we have oh, I don’t know, maybe 10. They come in super adorable designs and you get to support an American business.
  4. I would tread lightly with an Instant Pot. There is nothing worse than being given a gift that basically says “now you can cook food for me faster”. However, this would be the perfect gift if your mom has been hinting and claiming to want an Instant Pot for a long time.  If she truly wants one it would be amazing. If she has never mentioned it before, stay far away.
  5. Fitbit– approach this one really carefully. You don’t want your mom to think you think she needs to lose weight or to get into shape. Because that makes you a giant tool. But if she has been dropping hints or constantly mentioning getting a Fitbit, this could be a great present. I have the Fitbit Alta and love that it is cute and has a small profile. You can also get more fashionable bands to change up the traditional fitness tracker band.
  6. I’m not much for jewelry (I hardly ever even wear my wedding ring), but I really love this little bird necklace from Uncommon Goods. It is sweet, subtle, and doesn’t scream “HEY PEOPLE I AM A MOM”! <—the bags under my eyes and pathetic breasts advertise that effectively enough.
  7. Shopping “trip” with ThredUp. Have a mom who hates shopping, dislikes the ethical practices of fast fashion, but um, needs some new clothes? ThredUp is the answer for all of those things. It takes all the best part of thrift shopping but makes it clean and done in the comfort of your own home. They have clothes, purses, and shoes at thrift store prices without the icky thrift store smell.
  8. These super cute slip-on shoes are hands down the most comfortable casual shoe I have ever owned. I know so many of my readers have purchased them because I get photos and messages saying “thank you soooo much”; they are THAT comfy. In addition to the comfort level, they’re adorable, fun, and come in so many different styles.
  9. Nothing says “thanks for putting up with my crap” like a quality pair of muck boots. I’ve worn Bogs boots for over seven years now and finally had to replace my first pair last fall. I’m not sure how many miles I have on these things but it is definitely an excessive number. I wear them to take care of our chickens and when I am working in the garden. I can wear them comfortably for hours at a time without my feet getting too hot or hurting.
  10. Blessed with a Type A organized mom in your life? You’re welcome fate. Must be nice to be one of the only kids who knows where their toys, clothes, and backpacks are at all times! Since you spent so much time destroying your mom’s vehicle, how about saying “I’m sorry I got that speck of dirt in your clean car that one time” with this bitchin trunk organizer. It truly owns the heart of anyone who has it in their car.
  11. In line with the ThredUp shopping, how about a gift card for Pact Apparel? All Pact clothes are made from organic materials in factories that are fair-trade certified. The prices are completely reasonable and they even give you a postage-paid mailing label to donate your old clothes to a worthy charity. Even better? They don’t airbrush the stretchmarks from their models on their website. Transparent and honest AF. Save 20% off with this coupon.

What is the best gift you have ever given or received for Mother’s Day?

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11 comments on “Unique Gift Ideas For Mom – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. Hi Sarah, I am interested in the bitchin trunk organizer, but the link is broke. Could you please take a look at it?

  2. The breasts comment made me laugh out loud, seriously!

    I’m curious when your birthday is/what’s your sign?! 

    Practical presents are my thing too. Or chocolate.. but like good chocolate, not Hershey’s.

    • October 5th – Libra!

      Mmmmm, practical chocolate. I agree; Hershey’s is terrible. Jack thinks it’s sooooo good and won’t listen to me when I try to say otherwise.

  3. You always come up with great round-ups at gift-giving times! And the advice. One year my husband gave me a toaster oven for Christmas. And promptly had it thrown at his head.

  4. We are parents of adult children and at this stage of our lives we just don’t need more stuff. If there is some bigger ticket item I desire I “try” to wait until a bday, holiday, etc and tell the kids so they can go in together.  Usually $25 or less for each of our 4 kids.  But I let them know that we really prefer consumables or experiences.  They got us concert tickets for Christmas one year.  The show was months later so it extended the gift.  We rarely go out to eat because we no longer feel the need to run away from home because the kids are making us crazy but a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant is always welcome.  Gets us out of the house.  But one thing they all know…don’t get me anything that I will need to dust!

  5. It’s funny what people regard as being acceptable as a gift, isn’t it? I poured scorn on my aunt purchasing an ironing board cover for my mother as a birthday present one year! In my book, if it’s household equipment it’s not a gift, it’ something the family needs! Why should it be on my list? I did make an exception with my all singing and dancing icecream maker.

    My daughter’s friend was questioning why his g/f wanted a day out for her birthday. His idea of a treat would be to stop home by himself, in his pants (This is the UK, so that’s ‘underwear’) playing on his playstation.

    My daughter and son are taking my hub out for a Gin experience of some description for his ‘special’ birthday. Son was musing what they would do for me when it’s my turn. Daughter’s observation was that I would like to be home on my own with the phone off!

    • When we were super broke, “splurges” like a clothesline felt like a great way to get what I wanted/needed and allow the boys to feel like they were getting me a gift. But also I really like practical stuff because those are the things that make me happy. But…I would not like an ironing board cover!

      At home by yourself without a phone sounds like heaven.

  6. These are some great ideas. However, ThredUp doesn’t offer gift cards. Under their FAQ section: Does thredUP offer gift cards?
    Currently, gift cards and gift certificates are not available on thredUP. But, by referring friends and family, you can receive shopping credit!

    I know because I was going to ask for a gift card for my birthday.

    • Well fart. I guess I should have researched that better. A few of my favorite tops are from ThredUp and I was so excited that I put it on there. I’ll need to edit. Thanks for catching that Tiffany.