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Vanilla extract – 4 months later

In August, I did a post on how to make vanilla extract from scratch.

This weekend, I took it out of my professionally installed root cellar and cold storage carport garage to test it out.  I can’t say I’ve ever actually tasted pure vanilla extract that wasn’t mixed into something, so I’m not sure how it compares.  It still tastes a bit like bourbon, but the vanilla flavor is really strong.  I used it in my peppermint brownies this weekend, and everything tasted just fine.

I had little labels made via VistaPrint (ALWAYS google a coupon for this site.  ALWAYS), and I know it’s dorky, but I LOVE my vanilla bottles (it says Three Cooks In the Kitchen):

Please enjoy the background scenery of Jack’s cloth diaper inserts drying on our drying rack.

Ok, so let’s do the math!
1/2 lb of Vanilla beans (54 beans @ $26.99 is ~$.50 per bean.  I used 12 total for this) $6
1 big bottle of bourbon – $25
40 Bottles – $28
Labels – $12
Total: $71
Price per bottle: $1.77
Cost of “real” vanilla extract at the grocery store ~$5 or $6

I bought two $10 bottles of cheap vodka and am already brewing my next batch in my laboratory ghetto pantry/linen closet!

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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16 comments on “Vanilla extract – 4 months later”

  1. Oh my gosh those labels are adorable!

  2. Shut up, you aren’t supposed to see them until Parker unwraps one at Christmas! All 7 month olds like vanilla extract, right?

  3. You made 40 bottles of vanilla extract? WOW! Great price, but what are you going to do with 40 bottles of extract??

  4. This is awesome! I’ve always just assumed that making it yourself would be more expensive, since you have to buy the vanilla beans and all that. What a cool gift idea! I got here through your “Christmas gift – it’s not to late” post at Simple Lives Thursday, and I’m so excited to read more of your amazing ideas. 🙂

  5. I’ve also made Brandy vanilla…..yum….excellent in pecan pie! Where did you get your bottles?

  6. Actually, Real Vanilla Extract at the grocery store will set you back $ 9.80 cents per 2 ounce bottle and this is in the South. I’ve been making my own for years. During Thanksgiving I saw some and did a price check! Expensive stuff..and mine is much better. I use Vodka in mine. It’s the best!

  7. I’m getting ready to bottle mine, and it has flecks of beans floating around in it. Should I strain it through a coffee filter or just bottle it with the floaties?

  8. Thanks for re-posting this – I have my Christmas list taken care of!!

  9. where did you get your beans and your bottles?

    • Tonilea,
      If you click on “bottles” and “vanilla beans” above under the “let’s do the math” there are direct links to the companies I purchased through.

  10. AWESOME! You ARE amazing!

  11. What size bottles did you use?

  12. I’ve made pure vanilla extract using vodka. It is ready to use in about 4 months and is just wonderful. I bought my vanilla beans on ebay. (100 beans plus a bonus pack of 10 grade B madagascar) for $40.00. The vodka was about $21. I use Grolsch beer bottles that my son and his friends left behind. I will never buy vanilla in the store again.

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