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Wants vs. Needs

I hate my fridge.  It’s like pretty much the worst fridge ever.

It looks like an old Soviet-style apartment

It was also free.  And it works.  But I don’t love it, and I wish it would magically disappear because then it would give me an excuse to get a new one.

That’s the rub, isn’t it?  We always want something better, shinier, or new, even when we may not necessarily need it.

In my mind, if I had a new fridge, meal prep would be easier.  Right now, it’s a horrible game of Tetris to get anything in this dumb appliance.  Things get lost so easily, and nothing fits properly.

The fridge I lust after is a French door stainless steel Kenmore beauty from Sears.  It is energy efficient, has tons of space for keeping produce fresh, and I don’t have to take 429 things out first in order to get to the applesauce.

It also costs $1,600.

So that’s that.  The old fridge stays.  And I make it work.  And I curse at it daily, and plan for it’s demise.  We all have to make big choices in life, and spending $1,600 on Jack’s tonsil surgery wins out over a new fridge any day.

Delaying the purchase of something you merely want, allows you to:
1) bulk up your emergency fund.  I’ve tried to convince myself that a new fridge is an emergency.  Sadly, it’s not.
2) Stay out of consumer debt
3) Save for a house
4) Pay medical bills (grrrrr)
5) Pay down debt
6) Throw extra payments at your car or mortgage debt

I’m not dropping any bombs here – everyone knows that replacing something that works with something better isn’t the smartest financial decision you could make.

However, the actual intent of my post isn’t a financial lecture.  I wanted to give YOU a chance to confess your own improbable, impractical, and ridiculous monetary desires.  Let’s get crazy!  Flame free confession time!

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97 comments on “Wants vs. Needs”

  1. If It makes you feel better, we have one of the LG french door fridges and its a PITA. They elude that they have so much space but they don’t. I can fit more in my old upside down fridge.

  2. Most of mine are remodeling projects. We have a 1950’s 1.5 Story and I’ve decided the entire upper story needs to be refinished as a super awesome Master Suite with gabled windows (only 2 single windows on each end currently) and a master bath with one of those super deep jacuzzi soaker tubs. I even have the bathroom fixtures picked out! It’s a sickness.

  3. My kitchen stove! Ugh, whoever thought glass top electric was a good idea should be beaten. I would trade in a second for the $400.00 gas ding and dent I had in my old house. I wonder how much canning I would have to do to make a new gas stove pay for its self…….

  4. My fridge is worse, I promise- 2 shelves, one bottom “crisper” that likes to fall out of place in the middle of the night and scare the hell out of us, and the freezer doesn’t have a dividing shelf at all. But we live in an apartment and it’s what we can afford right now without going into unneeded debt.

    I *need* new bras. The under wires in my 2 favorites have broken in the past week. That leaves me with about 3 everyday bras now and since I’m…well endowed, my bras aren’t cheap. But what I *want* is lumber to build a raised bed that will fit on our patio and a small compost tumbler. Space is limited, but I could make it work. I also want the medium sized, upright freezer I saw at Lowes the other week. But again, space is limited and so is our budget.

    We’re hoping we won’t have to renew our lease here and can find a small rental house that is within our price range. Then after we look at our savings, we might be able to splurge on one of those things. I guess I’m just thankful that we weren’t one of those couples that bought a 200k house as soon as we got married on top of still owing out the rear in student loans and debt carried over from our “single lives”. Don’t get me wrong, we have student loan debt, but we’re trying to pay all of that down and save some money before making any big purchases or considering *gulps* buying a home.

    • I’m going to start a “horrible fridge” club. You should join!

      Have you tried putting out an email request for lumber on I did for our chicken coop, and we received roofing supplies, lumber, and a tip that a local roofing company gets rid of their extra lumber in a bin near their driveway. Troy scopes it every once in a while, and we’ve gotten a lot!

  5. I feel so much better reading these! Oh my goodness.

    I lust after shoes and clothes. I want ridiculous, impractical, shiny, fancy, over the top shoes and clothes. I lack the budget, closet space, and need for any of these. But it’s pretty much my go-to daydream when things are getting me down!

  6. I WANT a new bathroom. Ours is actually falling apart, tiles coming off walls, vanity slowly decomposing… but the longer we can hang out, the sooner the bathroom (and the house) is ours and not the banks, so…

    I had an awful fridge which I painted with hammered metal finish paint – it didn’t fix the inside problems (every three months we would remove the ice-monster from the freezer who we named “Jurgen”, and he would slowly return) but it made me hate it a little less, for about $20 in paint.

  7. well….I want my own place, currently living with family and sharing 1 room with my 2 toddlers! But I NEED a full time job to afford that. I also want a new phone, but my old one still works so i dont NEED one yet! I want to do it all (work, take care of my kids,help others in need, make everything homemade, etc.), but I NEED to realize that I am only one person and need the help of others while accomplishing my goals. Little at a time, it will all get done! Thats my list for today 🙂

  8. Our TV, for sure. It’s one of those older sets that easily weighs 50 pounds and is terribly bulky. We’ve moved 5 times in just over two years (married, graduated, found jobs, etc) and each time this massive beast is loaded up while I dream of some “accident” that will take it out of commission. Alas, it was free and works just fine, so (for now) it stays.

  9. I want an energy efficient washer and dryer, which may happen soon since the washing machine has been making very unfriendly noises the past few months. I want a food processor and think Hubby will get me one for my birthday in the summer. I really really really want to rip up the carpets and put in hardwood or bamboo (hell, at this point I’d be happy with cheap laminate) but it’s just not in the cards right now.

  10. Right now I would give my right arm to replace to our dishwasher. The one we have came with our house when we bought it and I’m convinced it is the loudest dishwasher that has ever been made. When we run it it sounds like a spaceship is taking off. Sadly it works just fine so now replacing it any time soon. 🙁

    • Samantha I had a similar problem recently, but my hubs had a brilliant idea that toned down the space ship sounds…if you are handy, un-screw the dishwasher from the underside of the counter. (Most are held in place by a couple of screws. Once it is free *carefully* pull the dishwasher out. Check for leaks since you have it out) If there is room, get a roll of pink insulation, no paper on it. Drape a section over the top and sides of the dishwasher itself. If you are patient and slow you should be able to slip the washer back in and screw it back into place. If you are feeling fancy or don’t want to mess with the pink crap, get rigid foam insulation, and apply it to the insides of the cabinet surround. Be sure you don’t over do it, so the dishwasher will actually go back into place.
      If you have the kind of dishwasher that has the removable front panel (alot do, and many buy fancy replacement panels to match their decor) Take off the front panel, and put a piece of the thin foam insulation behind it (you can use corrugated cardboard too) and put it back into place. It will be a little tight doing so, but go slow and take your time. It will go back. This toned down our dishwasher a lot and made it more efficient. Hope that helps!!