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Water kefir soda – revisted

Back in August, I told you how I had been making water kefir soda.  It’s been over ten months, and we’re still loving the stuff.  Rarely does “regular” pop come in to our house, and drinking this stuff saves us mucho dinero.

Today I wanted to talk about a few of my favorite flavors.  This post is for my friend Ruth was quite enamored with the water kefir soda that she tasted at our house last Saturday.

Top 5 fav flavors of water kefir soda (in order of awesomeness)
1) Blackberry soda.  Um.  Yum.  I get “Blackberry Crush” or something similar to that cheesy name at Trader Joes.  It’s a 100% juice blend of blackberry, pear, apple, and a few other flavors.  Good stuff.

2) Mojito.  Lime and mint.  Nothing could be more refreshing in the middle of summer.  The mint in my garden is currently hibernating, so I’ll have to wait until later this year to enjoy this drink again.

3) Mango lemonade.  If angels had tears, it would taste like this.  We buy the organic mango lemonade from Trader Joes.  It is 100% juice and deeeeeelightful!

4) Blueberry pomagranate.  Also 100% juice from Trader Joes, and full of antioxidants and other good buzzwords.

5) Grape.  Nothing too fancy here.
Do you make your own water kefir soda?  If so, what is your favorite flavor?  If no, why not?  And Anne, please don’t comment “because your hippy ass needs to come live with me and make it for me”.  I’m on to you ho.

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18 comments on “Water kefir soda – revisted”

  1. These sound wonderful! I use milk kefir every day but you REALLY inspire me to try water!

    • I’ve only tried storebought milk kefir once and I wasn’t a fan. Thus, I’ve always been too afraid to try it myself!

      I hope you give the water kefir a shot, and I’ll think about trying out the milk version!

    • I let my milk kefir do it’s thing right in the fridge. It takes a few days longer but the results are still the same. Use milk kefir in place of milk when making pancakes – you get the fluffiest pancakes ever!

  2. Soooo… I thought I was following some pretty cool blogs over the past few years until I ran across yours tonight. I think I just spent 5 hours perusing this good stuff. You are hilarious and your content is so great. Thank you, whoever you are; I shall be blog-stalking you!

  3. Yo, your hippy ass needs to come live with me for REALZ. There’s no way in hell I’m going to this much effort. I prefer to sit on my couch and WAIT for you to move in. Mm-kay?

    • You can’t afford to keep me in the lifestyle I’m used to. I mean your mom already helps clean your house and cook food…what in the world would I do? I need to be in constant demand and kept at a level of exhaustion to feel worthy.

  4. I stumbled into your blog via someone’s repin of your homemade pitas on Pinterest, but ended up reading about the water kefir soda first. Can I just say that you had me at ”Sasquatch’s nutsack sweat”? I’ll definitely be a regular visitor from now on. Money is tight here, for one thing, and for another, your posts are hilarious! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to check out those homemade Vicks discs I’ve been hearing so much about. (Our 4-year-old is great at sharing with Mommy and Daddy…especially her colds. Right now, I think my voice is actually deeper than my hubby’s.)

  5. Can you elaborate a little on making the lime and mint? Whenever I use a citrus, it ends up with almost no carbonation. How do you do yours, and how carbonated does it turn out?

  6. Check out
    She makes her own fermented starter for her soda. Good article.

  7. Hi Sarah:

    I have been making water kefir for just a month. Have had some good results and some that are kinda ‘meh’…my grains have grown quite a bit and I have given lots away but I still have too many. I have dried them but was looking for some recipes that used the dried grains for something other then kefir. Any ideas? Would you still get the same probiotic benefits from the dried grains?

    • Mine really haven’t multiplied that much. The first few months I assumed they were having orgies because I kept having more and more grains! Eventually, they calmed down and I’m still going strong with my original bunch.

      I’d offer the ones you can’t use on People are always looking for them on my local site!

    • Update: I ended up giving so many away that now I want mine to breed again, lol!!

  8. I like to use some slivers of fresh ginger, tastes just like gingerale. Or just some lemon juice.

  9. I so can’t wait to try making this! I am another of those “Jumped over from pintrest and found myself still here hours later,” reader. I have already added you to my blog roll and look forward to reading more on your site!