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Watermelon, lime, and mint ice cube spritzers

It’s hot as balls here in the Seattle area.

(pause for laughter when everyone else in the country realizes “hot” means in the 80’s)

Staying hydrated is essential when no one in the area has air conditioning.  Many people fill up on sodas and sports drinks, but those aren’t filling your body with the nutrients it needs to keep up your activity level (which honestly is just being able to whine consistently about the intense amount of boob sweat that has accumulated in your bra).

Most find plain water boring and as a result, they don’t get nearly as much as they need.  Finding a way to make water exciting and delicious can be essential for bringing your family on the hydration train.  I recently whipped up a concoction that took a whopping five minutes, and made my glass of water taste like a unicorn had personally mixed it with her horn, and then a leprechaun blessed it with his rainbow, and Gizmo from Gremlins batted his adorable eyes at it.  And then sweet Westley from Princess Bride walked in to my kitchen, and asked what I wanted.  I asked him to make me the most refreshing drink ever, and he said “as you wish”, and created THIS recipe.

And THEN, he got together the whole gang (Zach, Screech, Slater, Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie) and reunited Zack Attack and they played for one night only at The Max and sang “Friends Forever”.

So yeah, it’s good.

Just a tip for you to make this process go more quickly.  During the summer, I’ll spend a few minutes once a week slicing up a watermelon, and cutting it in to cubes to keep in the fridge.  A delicious and healthy snack is always on hand, and makes whipping up concoctions like this a snap.

Watermelon, Lime, and Mint Ice Cube Spritzers
1 cup of cubed watermelon
Juice of 1 lime
Small handful of fresh mint, washed and dried
Flat, or sparkling water

1) Add all the ingredients to a food processor, blender, or immersion blender, and blend until the mixture is to your desired blendedness (that’s a word).  This little tool is one of my favorites for juicing lemons and limes.



2) Pour into an ice cube tray, and freeze.  I like to use an ice cube tray with a lid for these kinds of projects.  This is the tray I have.


3) Once frozen, add a cube to regular or sparkling water.



We have a Sodastream because we realized that we are addicted to “bubbles”.  I have four pops (soda’s for people who need a PNW to English dictionary) a month; once a Sunday at my parent’s house.  I never miss the flavor or the sugar during the week, thanks to the constant supply of sparkling water we keep in our fridge.  The number of plastic bottles this little machine keeps out of the landfill is amazing.  Plus, it encourages Troy to drink more water, which has always been a challenge for him.

Mint and watermelon are at peak season right now, so jump on this and make a batch today!

What is your favorite way to stay hydrated in the summer?


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7 comments on “Watermelon, lime, and mint ice cube spritzers”

  1. I often infuse water with cucumbers, mint and melon. I think it is time to kick it up a bit and try your ice cube idea. I too REALLY like the bubbles in water.

    ps. Now “Friends Forever” is stuck in my mind…..and I think I may need to search for a hair scrunchy.

  2. I thought “pop” was a Canadian thing! Glad it isn’t just us!
    I love my SodaStream. We have a kitchen store here that often (always?) has 20%-off-regular-priced-items coupons, I use those to get my refill cartridge (and syrups, I love my pop)) and that saves even more. Hopefully you have a place like that too.

    I loved your description! 🙂

  3. You had me at Zach.

    I mean watermelon….yeah…watermelon…

  4. My gramma says “pop” too. She’s from Ohio. I have been doing really well lately by drinking much more water than I used to. I know it’s horrible, but I’ve been buying bottled. I used to refuse to spend the $ on it, but then it became an issue of never drinking water. I find that if there is a cold bottle in the fridge waiting, I drink WAY more than I used to. I am going to buy a good reusable bottle/canteen soon and keep that filled and in the fridge. I have to say though, our town’s water is notoriously gross! I’ve been ordering water at restaurants almost every time we eat out now (used to be soda every time) which brings the bill down and cuts back lots of calories for me.

    Does one cube do the trick? I should really give this a try soon!

  5. I made this as a whole drink last summer but I’ll try the ice cube idea – thanks.

    I too bought a SodaStream not long ago. I’m one of those people that has always needed to drink a lot and now I live in Alberta, my minimum is 5-8L a day or else I feel like crap (and yes I’ve been tested blah blah and no I don’t have diabetes!). So finding something that made water more interesting was the most exciting thing EVER.

    Plus the fact that I can use tap water is a plus. I just read the book Bottled & Sold: The Store behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water. I always stayed away from bottled water in an attempt to be ‘green’ (I believe we should follow Australia’s example and outlaw plastic bottled water completely). But after reading about water recalls that no one ever hears about and the differences between the food requirements for bottled water and the testing they have to do on tap water, I will never buy bottled water again! GROSS!

  6. Pardon me while I roll on the floor laughing at your 80’s. I used to think that was “outrageously hot” (notice the quote marks, there) for the summer when I moved here from Oklahoma. Hot summer there can be 100 or more starting in May and ending, hopefully, in October. Then I lived through the “hot summers” on the coast here and thought I was in heaven, especially when they only lasted about a month. Now we are having several weeks of 100’s or more here in Grand Coulee and I’m about to melt!! And I don’t know what you’re adding to that drink that is making you halucinate so much, but you need to cut back on it girl!

  7. I too am a sparkling water addict and considered getting a soda streamer a few years back but remember reading something about cost and environmental impact of the gas cartridges pretty much being the same as bottled water – how do you find it compares Sarah? Dying in the heat here in London and it’s 78! I really think it’s partly the humidity, which I am not used to and certainly being in the city, in our built up houses that are not prepared for heat, that makes it seem much worse than when I go to Spain and can handle it in the 90s way better.

    I’ve been making a syrup from thyme or rosemary and adding it to sparkling water with some lemon juice for a sweet treat, so yum and great with gin!