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What’s In My Fridge – April 2018

The fact of the matter is that most of us are super nosy and we love to see what other people are doing, reading, wearing, and eating. You know you look in everyone’s cart at the grocery store to see what people are buying. It’s ok, we all do it.

To satisfy all you nosy AF people (me too. You’re my tribe), I’m taking you on a tour of what is in our fridge for this particular week in April 2018.

You’ll see a mix of healthy foods, not so healthy foods, and everything in-between! Like the tagline of my blog says: Real Food. Real People. We eat mostly healthy but try not to sweat the small stuff too much.

All our glass storage is either Snapware or thrifted mason jars.

First up, the main event:

the contents of the fridge of a real food blogger

Top shelf, from the left:

Kirkland Signature organic maple syrup (see our full Costco Shopping List here), a half-eaten Yami Yogurt that Bennett didn’t finish (we buy them from Smith Brother’s, our milkman), Stonyfield organic yogurt that was 50% off and I had a coupon.

In the back, the mason jar full of dark liquid is homemade Elderberry Syrup. Behind the yogurt is a glass container of Smoky Avocado Dip With Cilantro, and a bowl of cut-up fruit leftover from Jack’s birthday party. The majority of the fruit is segmented oranges and grapefruits. You can learn How to Segment an Orange here.

Up front is a little dressing container in a glass. My sister and family went on vacation over spring break and gave us a salad mix that would expire before they came back. We didn’t use all the dressing at once so are saving it for later. To the right of it, Daisy sour cream. I used sour cream in Jack’s birthday cake and Daisy is the least-sketchy brand you can find. They have just two ingredients; even less than organic brands.

To the right of that, the red stuff is leftover cream cheese frosting from Jack’s birthday party. It is being repurposed for my father-in-law’s birthday cupcakes on Saturday. On top of that is a pint of heavy cream from Smith Brothers for an ice cream recipe I’m making you all later this week! Waaaaay in the back is a quart of homemade pickles.

Middle Shelf, from the left:

A plate of sausage from our local butcher defrosting. I’m making a butt ton of sausage patties later this week to freeze. Behind it is what is left of Jack’s birthday cake. A plastic tub of arugula (pretty much my favorite greens because I’m meh about salads), and on top of that are organic Persian cucumbers from Trader Joes. I know defrosting meat next to veg is generally a no-no, but everything is well-contained. They’re also not touching.

Behind that is a pound of organic butter from Costco which needs to get transferred from the door but it seems like such a hassle right now.

We have Bennett’s plate of dinner that he refused to eat. Because two-year-olds are buttholes. Behind that is a container of scrambled eggs. I’ve come to realize that scrambled eggs if done correctly, are absolutely delicious reheated. So now I scramble up a bunch every few days and we eat them throughout the week for breakfast.

Behind there is a tub of Trader Joe’s salsa, some asiago leftover from Roasted Garlic and Asiago Cheese No Knead Bread, and then more Yamis to the right.

Bottom Shelf, from the left:

Lots of eggs from our chickens, and a Little Caesar’s pizza on top. That is what Jack wanted served at his party, so whatever. I am 98% certain the guy taking our order was smoking weed as we talked on the phone, and they screwed up the order. It was a hot mess and that is a good reminder of why we never buy pizza. Why buy when you can make your own frozen pizzas to always have on hand? Underneath the pizza is a wedge of brie my dad brought for Jack’s party.

Then there is a pitcher of healthy homemade Slush punch (from Jack’s party), orange juice in the back (leftover from the punch creation), buttermilk from Smith Brother’s (for whole wheat pancakes I need to make and freeze this week), whole milk from Smith Brothers, and our containers for our Soda Stream. We’re sparkling water fanatics.

Door One:

the fridge of a real food blogger

Top Shelf:

Butter (I need to refill that shelf) and random soy sauce packages.

Middle Shelf:

Alllllllll the hot sauces. I have a thing. Food should hurt or you’re doing it wrong.

Bottom Shelf:

More hot sauces, spicy Korean sauce from Trader Joes, pesto (I ran out of homemade), wing sauce (yum!), salsa verde for Leftover Turkey, Rice, and Black Bean Bake, and horseradish. It’s a sickness. Your hair is meant to sweat, okay?

Door Two:

Top Shelf:

Yeast, jam from the woman who works at our post office, (um) more chili paste, a random juice pouch that Jack got from some sports event and I will donate to church, and more jam.

Middle Shelf:

Half-gallon jar of Encurtido (hey, it’s spicy. Who would have known? Can’t stop. Won’t stop.), organic ketchup, my uncle’s tartar sauce, and organic yellow mustard.

Bottom Shelf:

Sriracha mayo for Troy (obvs), sweet chili paste, more pickles, relish, more mustard, and Troy’s coffee creamer.

Produce Drawers:

produce drawers of a real food blogger


Kiwi, organic fuji apples, mandarin oranges, and ruby red grapefruit.


Green onions were for the Smoky Avocado Dip With Cilantro and another dish later this week. Celery because it’s rad and I eat it a lot, some carrots on the bottom you can’t see, and broccoli from Trader Joes for an upcoming recipe I am making and hopefully posting next week.

Cheese Drawer:

cheese drawer of a real food blogger

Tillamook Extra Sharp cheddar, Tillamook Medium Cheddar, bacon, gorgonzola cheese, some Easy Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs, Boar’s Head ham for Jack’s lunch, feta, and pecans (I candy them for salads).

And that is it my friends! Do we have any of the same items in our respective fridges? Does anything surprise you? Which of my various hot sauces are your favorites?

Are eyeballs supposed to sweat?

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34 comments on “What’s In My Fridge – April 2018”

  1. We also have a hot sauce problem. I don’t see TJ’s green dragon in your collection? It’s our favorite and we’ve gotten several extended family members addicted too.

  2. I love this! And we have almost the same fridge! I keep my cheese in the right drawer and eggs and meats in the lower drawer, veggies in the left (and often on shelves if needed). We have a whole hot sauce shelf in our pantry, so we feel ya! We love Crystal and  Tobasco Garlic and the chipotle smoked version to mix it up, plus most of the ones you have. We also have various seasoning salts and spices we add to most stuff (welcome to living in Louisiana!). I have 2 lazy Susan’s in my fridge for jarred condiments, too, like olives, capers, mustard, jellies and pickles, but my door shelves are slightly different than yours so I don’t have as much space. 

    • It’s such a great fridge. It allows me to meal prep for the whole week without too much hassle. I’m very thankful to have the space, and it uses less energy than our old crappy fridge.

      I’ve never had Crystal and Tobasco Garlic hot sauce. Tell me more!!!

      • Both Crystal and Slap Your Mama hot sauces are alternates to standard Tobasco. I highly recommend both for mild/medium needs. Tabasco garlic is also delish! I’m sure you can find them on amazon.