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Winner of Covered Goods 4-in-1 nursing/carseat/grocery cart cover and infinity scarf

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway from Covered Goods for one of their awesome 4-in-1 nursing/carseat/grocery cart cover and infinity scarf. The lucky winner is Will, who said “I am not capable of feeding our child hahah”. Just goes to show, this is not a rigged giveaway. Giving it to a dude. 🙂 But a great dad/dude who assures me it will be loved and put to excellent use for his family.


Covered Goods is the original 4-in-1 cover that is made in the USA, and has a rad female CEO. The real deal folks. Don’t be fooled by any imitators, this one here is the original cover for the milk creators. <——- If you say that really fast, and with a made up accent, it rhymes. Go ahead and try it. Fun, huh?

Didn’t win? You can get your own on the Covered Goods website.

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