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Winner of Covered Goods Nursing/Carseat/Grocery cover and scarf

The winner of last week’s giveaway from Covered Goods, the original 4-in-1 nursing/carseat/grocery cover and scarf is Will, who hilariously commented “I am not capable of feeding our child hahah”. Will, hoping you and your kiddo love your Covered Goods as much as we do!

For those who didn’t win, Covered Goods is still offering a 15% discount through the 15th. Enter “original15” at checkout to claim your 15% off.


Covered Goods has been such a great addition to our diaper bag, and it is my new go-to baby shower gift for all new parents out there. I love supporting companies that are both US-based and headed by female CEOs. Covered Goods is the original 4-in-1 cover; don’t be fooled by imitators; this is the best cover around for hiding the milk makers (say that really fast and it really does rhyme. Or maybe I’m just tired?).

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