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Hey there. I’m Sarah Cook, and I want to welcome you to Sustainable Cooks! If you are a bit confused because you came here looking for Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity, don’t worry. You’re in the right place. In the middle of 2016, I got a bug up my butt and a call to rebrand.

You can read about the origin story of our old blog in this post. In the past couple of years, our lives have changed fairly dramatically. Troy got a full-time job as a firefighter, my parents moved in with us, we had another child, I quit my job, and my mom passed away. As our lives changed, the focus of my blog changed too. I started writing less about simply saving money and more about how a sustainable lifestyle could improve your home, your health, your kitchen, and your wallet. That space still felt like home, but the furnishings were uncomfortable and no longer fit my life.

After many failed attempts at picking out a new site name, Sustainable Cooks was born thanks to the suggestion of a friend. To me, sustainability means making choices that are better for society, the earth, and your life. There are no guidelines or requirements; just do your best to be thoughtful about your actions. It looks different for everyone.

I hope you like the new place. I have created this helpful guide for new and returning readers to find their sea legs. Consider Sustainable Cooks your guide to a healthy, tasty, and sustainable life. Unfiltered. No BS.

Step One: We’re in This Together

Most of us are busy and lots of things get in the way of living our best lives. I’ve been there before. Heck, I’m still there most days. Years of juggling a full-time job, commuting, kiddos, and caregiving for my parents have taught me some Jedi-like multi-tasking skills. I’m here to help you fit the sustainable lifestyle you have dreamed of into your current life and budget.

Step Two: Let’s Be Friends

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Step Three: Go Deep

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of practical crunchiness for every lifestyle? Check out these posts to get started:

Step Four: Get Cooking

Check out my recipe archives for a buttload of delicious, wholesome and from-scratch meals, snacks, appetizers, and ninja-style kitchen hacks.

Step Five: Reach Out

If you have any questions about the site, my recipes, how to’s, or just general questions, never hesitate to email me, tag me on Instagram, or send me a message on Facebook. I’m here to help in any way I can.