About Sarah

Sustainable Cooks is serving up budget-friendly sustainable food and balanced living. The only thing we’re strict about is not eating boring food.

Come for the food. Stay for the snark.

Are you someone who thinks you can make something better at home? Perhaps it’s a meal prep-friendly Instant Pot Orange Chicken. Or maybe it’s a bowl of Whole30 Tomato Soup. Even better if you cook to a nice playlist while sipping on a Virgin Mojito recipe.

Do you get turned on by the thought of gardening, canning recipes, or, let’s face it, the Container Store? If you answered yes to any of those, welcome to your new happy space. We’re going to get along just fine.

The safe word is “label maker”.

Years of juggling a full-time job, commuting, kiddos, and caregiving for my parents have taught me some Jedi-like multi-tasking skills. I’m here to help you fit the sustainable lifestyle you have dreamed of into your current life.

My husband (Troy), two boys (Jack – 10, Bennett – 3), five chickens, my dad, and I all live on a long, narrow suburban lot outside of Seattle. I garden like a boss, love to cook from scratch and get excited about organizing the pantry.

My go-to dining out order is a veggie burger…plus bacon.

I have the humor of a 12-year-old boy, and I think fart jokes are hilarious.

I cannot touch my own toes and would be laughed out of a yoga class.

I am a church-going, communion bread baking Lutheran who has the mouth of a truck driver.

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