A simple and easy recipe for amazing homemade dill relish. This tangy dill pickle relish is perfect for anyone new to canning. Enjoy it on burgers, hot dogs, in potato or chicken salad.

Three jars of homemade dill relish with cucumbers and a pepper

I’ve never made it a secret that I don’t like canning. But I do love the freedom and control it gives me over what we eat throughout the year. It is also an amazing way to use up the excess my garden is producing and make something practical my family will use.

While canning may not be my favorite jam (:snicker: jam), it gives me great opportunity to wear some rad shirts.

A woman wearing a shirt that says baller in a canning jar

This dill relish is not sweet relish! I believe we have previously established that sweet relish is the spawn of cucumbers that satan grew in his garden of lost souls.

There is a little bit of sugar in here (much less than the original recipe calls for), but feel free to leave it out if you’d like. I find it brightens up the other flavors without making it sweet. Because, gross.

What is Relish Made Of?

cucumbers, a pepper, canning salt and spices for making dill relish

This dill relish has fresh cucumbers, onion, pickling salt, onion, red pepper, turmeric, dill seed, and a little sugar.

It is important to use pickling salt in this recipe as regular salt has anti-caking agents in there which can impact the appearance of your relish.

What kind of cucumbers should you use for this dill relish? The basic answer is whatever you have on hand! I used a mix of slicing cucumbers and pickling cukes as that is what I grow in my garden.

I save the smaller cucumbers for fridge pickles, but the cukes that get too big without me noticing are perfect for dill relish. Since you’re going to cut the seeds out of them anyway, large cucumbers that are too tough for pickles make great relish.

Cucumbers from the store tend to have a wax coating on them which impacts their pickling ability. It is best to use homegrown or farmer’s market cukes in this recipe.