E’rbody loves a good confession!

If you’re new here, confession posts are where we unburden ourselves of the silly things that have been rattling around in our heads. The things where if you said them aloud in mixed company, you may get some odd looks. But, if you throw them up on the internet, they’re good for a laugh. And to know you’re not alone!

  1. Each and every time I am outside in the garden and hear a crow making that clicking sound…I think there is a solid chance it could be Predator. Exact.Same.Sound.
  2. I don’t care about Mary Poppins. Unclench everyone. I don’t care if you care about Mary Poppins, but it just isn’t my thing. I’m not sure I’ve even seen the original movie all the way through, and I can’t stand musicals. People who love Poppins are so happy about the remake but I just can’t find any energy to care. I’m sorry!
  3. I need to use a calculator when I check Jack’s fourth-grade homework. The kind the kids have to do without a calculator. Sometimes even the kind they have to complete using only “mental math”.
  4. After a few too many instances of Bennett saying potty words during church (Pastor: “peace be with you”. Bennett: “niiiiippppppppples”), we made it a rule that he can only say potty words in the bathroom. Which means at any given time, there is a two-year-old running into our hallway bathroom to scream “penis, nipples, poop” at the top of his lungs.