The most comprehensive Trader Joe’s Whole30 Shopping List ever! A printable Whole30 shopping list and Whole30 recipes to help you rock Week 1 and the rest of your round.

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When my husband and I decided to do our first Whole30 round in May 2018, I scoured the internet for recipes and printable Whole30 shopping lists. I found a few and was let down to the say the least.

You’d find a non-detailed list that said something like “Almonds” or “Lara Bars”. But when I would go to Trader Joe’s I would see that some of the almonds were roasted in banned oils, and some of the Lara Bars weren’t compliant.

I wanted specifics people. SPELL IT OUT for me, m’kay?

So, I spent four hours (FOUR) at my local Trader Joe’s looking over every item that might be remotely Whole30 compliant. And I took notes. And photos.

I was there so long that I was approached by 15 different people who were asking where things were located. By the third one I stopped saying “I don’t work here” and I just took them over to the sesame sticks. They all wanted the sesame sticks!

Listen, sometimes when you’re embarking on something new, you need some hand-holding by someone who has been there before. And I’m here to hold your hand through this Whole30 experience. Print out this Trader Joe’s Whole30 shopping list and get your tushie to the store.

You’ve got this.