My sis and I saw RBG on Friday and loved it! My sister teaches high school history and civics, and I’m just an overall giant nerd so this movie was like crack to us.

It is a limited release movie and we had a hard time finding it in a theater near us. But if you get a chance to see it, I put it in the “highly recommend” category.

If you are part of our Instagram community then you know I shoot 99% of my recipes in my living room on the footstool from my couch. Yeah, it’s weird, but it has the best light. It gets challenging keeping Bennett away from the food and that doesn’t always happen, but I’m a sucker for the natural light.

Anyhoo, last week I was taking photos for an upcoming post, and I spilled 1/3 cup of olive oil all over the cloth footstool. I would like to give out major props to our three-year-old Costco couch because I used a wet cloth and there is no stain. None.

Kid-proof couch

It isn’t our forever couch, but it is so comfortable and is kid safe. And um, apparently blogger safe too.

One of the podcasts I listen to had a great recommendation this week for an episode of Revisionist History called “Free Brian Williams”. It is an in-depth discussion about how the brain retains and reworks memory and omg it was fascinating! And yet, even after listening to it, I have zero empathy for Troy’s complete swiss cheese memory.

I wrapped up a two-week project this week and I’m so thrilled a) have it checked off my to-do list and b) with the results of the work. I have spent late nights and early mornings over the last 14 days deleting 2,000 of my old posts.

Yeah, that sounds completely batshit crazy when I write it out too. But hear me out.