I need your help. I desparately require your guidance about a very important matter.

Are you all like “how does this chick even live her life without us”? You’re not wrong.

This may potentially be the girliest thing I have ever said to you all, but can we talk about eyebrows for a second?

Me? Left without tweezers for a month or so and I would have one strawberry blonde caterpillar across my face. I have been plucking my eyebrows since fourth grade after two snotty brats made fun of me in class.

But lately, I find my reflection causes me pause when I see my brows. They’re like flat lines above my eyes. There is no shape, no expression. Nothing. They’re just there.

So, my thought is I need to get some professional help going with this here face o’ mine. So, here is my question: do I get them waxed or threaded? Can you please help me out with some of the chick arts I am not familiar with?

“Keep your big gross man hands out of the shot” she says.
“Wow, so glad we’ve been married 14 years” he says.

In an “I care about your safety” PSA, I have to share what happened at the grocery store on Friday. Bennett and I had just arrived at the store and were sitting in the car while I gathered everything before we went in.

And then I saw movement to my left, felt the car lurch and heard the handle of my door being jiggled. My heart freaking stopped.