Crunchy and naturally sweet, this coconutty Paleo Muesli is a hardy and delicious grain-free breakfast. An easy recipe using dried fruit and maple syrup, these delightful paleo granola clusters are also vegan and dairy-free.

a glass bowl of paleo muesli with blueberries

I used to think that muesli meant “cereal for old people” because my grandparents always ate it. Then I went to Europe as an adult and realized that muesli just means “cereal”. So…I felt like an idiot.

This paleo muesli could also be called gluten-free granola, paleo granola, grainless granola, or paleo cereal. You can call it whatever the heck you want, but I promise you it will be love at first bite.

Even better, it’s sooooo much cheaper than buying it premade at the grocery store. We tried a brand at Costco to see how we liked it and it was $15! To make this paleo cereal more affordable, either buy the ingredients in bulk or buy them in the bulk section.

A full bag of hemp hearts can seem like a budget breaker, but if you get just enough from the bulk section to make this recipe, it can be super affordable. And if you want to be totally crunchy AF, take along your Zero Waste Produce and Bulk Bin Shopping Bags.

Hey, your inner hippie is showing. And I kind of love her.