You know what makes a Type A dork super steamed?

When the 2019 calendars aren’t out in stores yet. Makes me so mad! Last year, I finally found a planner that I love and am excited to “move into” one for 2019. But noooooooooo, stores only have June 2018-July 2019 calendars right now.

Listen, you don’t want people who love to organize walking around unable to plan. It’s like the office supply version of blue balls.

Not my house but I’m gaga for their trees. And those blue skies are a result of the driest fall I can ever remember.

Guess what? I was on another podcast this week, and honestly, it meant a lot to me. In summer 2017, I almost shut my blog down. I was super frustrated and felt like I had nothing to offer you all anymore. I was unmotivated and burned out.