You’ll never freaking believe what happened last Sunday.


I, the person who once considered renaming her blog “The Swearing Lutheran”, was elected to the church council.

I shit you not. It should be a fun two years. At least they know the communion bread will keep flowing every other week.

It was bit of a low-key week here in the Cook house. I finally got the garden mostly figured out, but as with every year, I am panicking about not having enough room. When I say aloud “I need one more raised bed”, what I’m saying on the inside is “two acres would be lovely, please and thank you”.

We have one of our raised bed gardens completely full of garlic and that won’t be harvested until July/August.

But I really need that space for cucumbers because um, cucumbers are the freaking best. They are a plant that creeps everywhere if you’re not careful. Creeps as in grows up and over anything. Not creeps in like drives a white van and wears a Member’s Only jacket.