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If you’re new around here, confessions is a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment. I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it.

Let’s get started!

A woman with a finger up to her mouth saying "shhhhh"

Confessions 1

When Jack was a newborn, he had horrible GERD (reflux). He refused to sleep on me and only wanted to be in a bassinet. Our pediatrician said we needed to elevate him to help with the reflux.

After trying all modes of elevation, we finally propped the head of his bassinet up on a stack of books. It worked, but during the night he would slide down to the foot of the bassinet and wake up.

Hand to God, over the crib sheet, we had anti-skid shelf liner. I wish in our sleep-deprived, new-parent state, we had thought to take a photo of our newborn sleeping in a janky bassinet covered with shelf liner.

Confessions 2

On my walking/running route, there is a house with a mailbox that has the entire address, including the city on it in little sticky numbers/letters.

Why, oh why, would you need to add the city to your mailbox? Does the mailperson not know in which city they deliver mail? Will someone be walking by thinking “damn, where in the heck am I? If only someone could remind me of the city I’m in”.

Confessions 3

The only part I like about wearing a face mask is that it covers all my acne scars. Once this pandemic is over, I’m tempted to just keep wearing it. My forehead is pretty clear and I will ROCK that mask for years.

Confessions 4

There is a guy who runs shirtless in our area wearing a really interesting face mask (like this one). Troy tells me it is to mimic altitude, so the guy is probably training for some endurance challenge.

He’s super fit, so I refer to him as “Hot Bane”.

Confessions 5

I don’t like playing with my kids. It’s boring, they have each other, and I was raised in the ’80s which meant it was “go entertain yo damn self”. 

I have never searched Pinterest for fun games or activities to do with them. YOU HAVE TOYS in your room. There are laundry baskets, being outside, and a shovel. Figure it OUT.

Confessions 6

The silliest thing I have missed during four months of lockdown is buying bagged ice. It’s SO dumb, and very much a first-world problem.

I drink an iced coffee every single day of the year. Our freezer does not have an ice maker, and it’s pretty packed so I hate using those fill your own ice cube trays (even though ours has a cover).

My dad’s freezer downstairs has an ice maker, but NINE months ago he was smoking some salmon and cooled a tray of it in the fridge, uncovered…overnight.

Despite Troy and I cleaning the fridge and freezer SIX times with various cleaning solutions, boxes and bowls of baking soda, and even bleach, his ice still takes like smoked salmon.

You only gulp down “iced salmon coffee” once. That is not a mistake one makes again.

Confessions 7

Three kids on Razor scooters flew past me while I was walking up a hill. Before I knew what was happening, I had yelled “you kids need helmets” as they passed me.

So, I’m officially old.


Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess?

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28 comments on “Confessions”

  1. I feel you on Confession 5. I feel bad about it but my mom didn’t sit with me and play.

  2. I love ice so much and have been living in a temp corporate rental, so I bought myself the ice cube maker and holder lid and I am ok refilling it every day so I can have iced coffee. I LOVE ice. 

    The plus side of he who shall not be named calling it the china virus is that nobody comes close to me when I go about my life in this town (ie. At the grocery store or at the ice cream place). I’m especially glad they stay away when they can’t be bothered to wear a mask. 

    While I loved living with family and spending time with my niece for the start of quarantine, I love living alone…and wasn’t too sad I had to fly back to move my apartment. 

    • Iced coffee is the business 365 days a year!

      Ugh, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with any of that. I may be going in the wrong direction with this, but since everything got started I have gone out of my way to be extra attentive and polite to anyone of Asian descent. I guess wearing a shirt that says “we’re not all horrible white people” might be TOO obvious?

      I’m an extrovert but I feel like after this I would love to live alone.

      • LOL. That is so kind and thoughtful of you and totally the nicest thing to do.

        I was at the grocery store noticing ppl staring at me, and then passed by one white woman who made eye contact and flashed the biggest smize (smile with her eyes since MASK) at me as we passed each other at a distance, and it was just a smile but totally conveyed her “i see you are a person and not a virus and you belong here too, have a great day during this terrible pandemic”–and I left feeling like we will get through this.

  3. About 3 years ago I got a grocery bag full of basil from our CSA. CSA pickup was on Thursday and I grocery shop in Friday so it was Saturday before that basil got turned into pesto. I still have not heard the end of “basil ice.” Luckily the basil ice incident only lasted about a week as we use ice trays but I’m still hearing about it. When the pandemic started I froze a bunch of garlic and we almost had a “garlic ice” incident. I cannot even fathom how disgusting salmon ice coffee would be.

    • Pfft, they should all know that many fancy spas put basil in their water. Your family had no idea what they had was an expensive delicacy!

      Garlic ice though… 🙂

      • I think I did point out that basil infused water is a thing at fancy spas! The man wasn’t buying it haha. Yes, luckily I removed the garlic from the freezer before it really infused it’s flavor in the ice.

  4. I firmly believe that if I include the zip code on an envelope, I should be exempt from including the city and state. I would LOVE to find out why we still need to, but for now, it seems redundant!

  5. This post just reminded me that I have baby food in my freezer that needs to be dealt with (leftovers.  My daughter suggested I freeze it in servings and keep them here for “emergencies”) I froze it in two tiny silicone bowls, but they need to be removed from the bowls and packaged.  I TOTALLY forgot about them!

    A few minutes have passed and the food is neatly packaged and safely stowed.

    Our restrictions are slowly being lifted here in Toronto and we can hold our granddaughter again.  We are allowed to have a “Social Circle” of 10 people that we don’t have to distance ourselves from.  As long as all ten agree that they are in the circle.  You can be in one circle only.  Fortunately for me, both my daughters (and their men) have all agreed that we are the circle.  A nice, cozy circle of seven.  I am happy with this.

    “Hot Bane” is hilarious.  I kind of hope he finds out about this.  hahahaha!

    I don’t like playing games with young children.  I don’t believe in “letting” kids win (to an extent – we used to give our youngest the bathroom tweezers when playing Operation.  My oldest STILL complains about it.  they are 26 and 22….) But they never want to actually follow the rules and drag it on sooooo long.   I wouldn’t play board gamed with the twins I used to babysit for that reason.  They play all games like Calvin Ball (please tell me you know Calvin and Hobbes!) and change the rules as they go.

    There are kids all over our neighbourhood who never wear helmets while on a bike.  It is the law.  years ago,  I mentioned it to an officer we knew and was told (essentially) that it isn’t worth the effort and paperwork to enforce that one.  It irritates the crap out of me!!

    I couldn’t buy bagged ice if I wanted to. Our deep freeze is filled right up to the top.  I could probably reorganize it and gain some space, if I wanted to.  I have been slowly stocking up on stuff because I am expecting a second wave of this pandemic and will want to stay out of stores as much as possible.   We started running out of meat after a couple weeks when it first hit, but our pantry was well stocked otherwise.  I am slowly making sure that we have lots of everything if there is a second wave.
    I hope your other commenter’s coffee suggestion works for you and you get the fish smell out of that fridge.  Make sure that you keep running the ice maker (if you have turned it off) to flush it out when you are trying that.  Good luck!!!!

  6. I bought a used freezer that ended up smelling like fish. It took me a month of experimenting with smell removers. What finally worked was a pound of coffee left in there for a week. Smell gone and using the freezer 10 ish years later.

  7. Iced onion tea! Blech!!
    I despise playing with kids older than 2.
    Wear your helmets people!
    I got yelled at at the gas pump for wearing a mask! Really?

    Happy Week!

  8. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like to play with my kids (7 and 5). They never give up though! Its even worse now because they still haven’t grasped the work from home concept- just because I am here doesn’t mean I’m available for all your entertainment needs, go read a book!

    • Entertaining and snack providing is what my kids think I do. I feel your pain.

    • For #1, that’s the only reason we still have those huge ass dictionaries in our house.

      For #2 I’m afraid that there’s a whole story behind the stickers. Like there’s a warning on a superman custome for kids that says This garment does not enable you to fly.

  9. As the wife of a mountain biker that has had a few serious crashes, I am 100% onboard with #7. It blows my mind the number of people who dont wear helmets.

    #5- driving 2600 miles with Emma and my nephew has reminded me that I find kids annoying. Their conversations can be funny, but usually they are just boring.

    Also after driving 2600 miles hauling a horse, people who don’t pull forward at the gas pumps, or leave their cars at the pumps while they run in irritate me.

    • I honestly can’t believe it has to be a state law to get people to wear helmets. It can literally save your life people!!!

      Haha, kids ARE annoying and boring.

  10. Iced salmon coffee!   I nearly spit my own coffee out reading that!   My confession.  I want to go back to work/school.  There is a reason I’m not in private practice….I do best work in a school.  And I’m not afraid of the virus….there’s been so many superbugs swarming around my preschool for decades  I think I’ll be ok.  I think parents and kids need some separation right about now.