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If you’re new around here, confessions is a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment. I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it.

Let’s get started!

Confession 1

I cannot sear chicken to save my life. If I see a recipe that says “sear chicken in a skillet”, I AM OUT. It always turns out dry even when I follow directions to the letter.

That’s why all my chicken recipes are just like “place it in the Instant Pot” or “add chicken to the baking dish”. NO SEARING! 

Confession 2

It makes me so mad to see celebrities on bikes in Us Weekly or People The Economist riding around not wearing helmets! PUT ON A HELMET, YOU MORON. 

First off, you’re in a city which means there are more cars around, which makes it more dangerous to ride a bike. Second, people are watching; what a great opportunity to demonstrate personal safety equipment. Third, famous people are not immune to head injuries. 

Confession 3

My goal as the mom of two boys is to prevent the next generation of mansplainers. And yet, I still have conversations like this:

Me (making chocolate chip pancakes): I need to go get some more chocolate chips from the garage.
Bennett: Why?
Me: We’re out of chocolate chips in the pantry.
Bennett: You have those little ones.
Me: They don’t work well in pancakes.
Bennett: Yes they do! 
Me: No, they really don’t.
Me: Buddy, it is literally my job to know things like this.

Confession 4

The idea that people are up in arms over mail-in voting leaves me scratching my head. We have been exclusively voting by mail in Washington for 20(ish) years and it is INCREDIBLE. Oh, and it’s more affordable, i.e., it saves tax dollars.

Voting is the right of all citizens and if you can’t protect that right, then meet people where they are. And right now, they’re at home.

Confession 5

All these photos on Instagram of people posting pictures of their bathtubs surrounded by candles and a glass of wine with #selfcare, makes me wish I had a bigger bathtub or I wasn’t 6 feet tall.

Taking a bath in my tub means either I’m freezing from the waist up, or my knees are out of the water the entire time. Neither option is relaxing.

Confession 6

Easily 98% of the time I feel too immature to be a parent. What moron let me have these kids? Shouldn’t there be a test or something?

Confession 7


Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess?

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  1. Confession 1. I’m barely working right now. The first 7 weeks were anxiety driven (I was too busy becoming an epidemiologist and convincing myself I had all the symptoms and sniffing coffee every 30 min to confirm the symptoms were all in my head (hello, allergy season)). 

    2. I am sheltering with my parents and sis and her 10 month old. Every time my mom or I am cooking a meal, my sis decides THAT is when she must prepare her child’s meal. Because she cannot have the same thing everyday, it’s something new, every. Single. Freaking.  time. That and my sisters inability to close the cabinet doors makes me stabby. I do that too, while cooking and grabbing various ingredient, when I live alone. But not when 4 adults are sharing 1 small kitchen. 

    3. I am in love. It’s sustaining me through the pandemic, even though we can’t be together for quarantine. 

  2. I agree 100% on the vote-by-mail thing. It’s the only way I’ve ever voted, in OR and WA, and now that postage is included it’s a dreaaaam.

    My confession is that I have over the course of my adulthood tried really hard to improve the overall condition of my hair and scalp, and it seems to never work. I have somewhat wavy-to-curly hair, with interspersed coarse hairs, and a lot of frizz in most cases. My scalp is just… a mess. There isn’t a dandruff shampoo I haven’t tried at this point.

    So, what better time to try breaking my hair’s “addiction” to shampoo than now, when I don’t have to lave the house? I have been going for two weeks now, combing my hair pretty much daily, and rinsing it every fifth day in the shower. I *hate* it so far. I almost broke down and just washed it this morning, but I only see people via WebEx these days so I persuaded myself to keep going with it. I better come out of this with hair like Keri Russell in The Americans.

    And if not, my work-from-home seems to be indefinite at this point, so I can always shave it all off! Again, what better time than now…

    1. Do you condition your hair? After my daughter was born, my scalp was so sensitive that I couldn’t wash it everyday because it would just become too painful. I figured out that if I conditioned everyday and shampooed every 3 days (approximately), my scalp was much happier.

      1. I don’t even condition it right now, but I am tempted to do it as well (I have read that conditioners have a more dilute detergent property than shampoos do). I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do this, but I may start with conditioner before I fully shampoo again. We’ll see! It’s driving me mad!

    2. I also have figured out I have scalp psoriasis and what helps mine (after trying ALL the dandruff shampoos) is 1. Aveda rosemary mint shampoo and Kirkland conditioner. I cannot do Pantene or dove or any other drugstore shampoo conditioner because then it’s like I’m walking around with a personal snow globe. 2. I don’t shampoo everyday. Sometimes I just wash with water and condition the ends. 3. It’s seasonal and geography dependent. Oh well. I go with it. 4. If I’m diligent about the steroid solution my fern prescribed me, it helps!

      Best of luck! I also envy all those with healthy scalps. 

  3. I have still been working during covid19, my husband has not. He is home all day and has been taking care of the daily household chores. I should be happy about this, which I am, but the control freak in me feels like I am losing control of my house. So wrong.  My neighbor decided to serenade our neighborhood with a 1950s Country Concert  FOR 2 HOURS- everyone thought it was great and I hated it!  I ended up leaving my house on my one day off to go walk a trail. In my defense he could barely hold a tune and it got worse after the first 3 songs. 

      1. Ugh – the Country Concert in my neighborhood happened AGAIN on Sunday for 3 hours!!  At the end he said “I hope this adds some happiness to your day.”  It was then that I realized that my two other neighbors that live across the street from him are elderly and this music is definitely from their genres. I felt a little bad afterwards.