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Confessions, January

What is it they say about confessions being good for the soul?  Getting stupid things off of your chest is so freeing, so once month, I take to this here blog and share some silly things that have been weighing not so heavily on my mind.

It’s only fair to me if you choose to share in the fun!

1) My nephew gives better hugs than my own son.

Yeah, I said it.

Jack hugs like he is doing you a favor.  Parker, my nephew will climb up your whole body, nestle in your arms, and put all his energy in to giving you your hug.

Knowing how competitive Jack is, I could totally use this against him by telling him that Parker gives better hugs, but I’d rather get a real hug from my kid, as opposed to a hug trying to outdo his cousin.

2) I’ve never seen a blonde person with dreadlocks that didn’t want make me want to buzz their head.

3) When I was in labor with Jack, I was at the hospital, and my water broke while I was sitting on the toilet.  My doula said it would be more comfortable to sit there during contractions, but I think she truly just knew I like things tidy.

Anyhoo, while I was sitting there, I went in to transition, and couldn’t freaking move.  The nurse, Troy, and my doula were all trying to get me up, but dang I was comfortable and couldn’t be convinced to move for all the money in the world.

FINALLY, I was able to get up and get to the bed, and Jack was born a very short time later.

After we were home, Troy felt the need to tell me how stubborn I had been when I hadn’t wanted to get up.  I tried explaining that I couldn’t move; I just couldn’t, but Troy didn’t seem to believe me.

Maybe six months later, we were sitting in the living room, and Troy jumped up and said he had to go to the bathroom – BADLY.  He took a few steps to the hallway, but then froze.  He said he had a tummy cramp and couldn’t move.  I yelled “get to the toilet” and he said “I CAN’T, you don’t understand”.  The cramp passed and he made it safely.

When he came back out, I said “who is stubborn now”?

I have a feeling he’ll keep his damned mouth shut about my behaviors during labor after our next child is born (whenever that may take place).

4) I saw a commercial today for one of those kids CDs where kids sing all the “current” songs.  I listened for about .58 seconds, before saying “any parent who buys that for this kid must hate themselves”.  Holy shit, that was pure awfulness.  No longer do we have to listen to 18 year old slutty teens trying to be women singing a song in a sexy baby voice.  No, NOW there are actual kids singing about adult topics in voices they think makes them sound grown up.

In 11th grade, I caught this ear infection on the first day of winter break.  I spent pretty much the whole break laying on the couch wanting to throw up from the pain.

I would welcome that feeling back if I had to listen to “Kids Beats Volumn xyz” for any length of time.

5) I hate the Olympics.

Yep, I am that person.

6) For 90% of the movie “Panic Room”, I thought Kristen Stewart was a boy.

Ok, I feel better.  How about you guys?

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22 comments on “Confessions, January”

  1. Every week I tell myself all the things I’m going to accomplish on the weekend, then Saturday gets here & I get squat done. My son FINALLY invited me over for lunch, & of course I said yes, but I really want to stay home & do more nothing. I seem to reapply enjoy being a shut-in…

  2. confession: I have decided the definition of being an aunt is to be a good role model at the same times as enjoying occasionally being a bad influence. Fart jokes are funny and I don’t care if they dye their hair blue, but compassion is a learned skill and is taught best by example, IMO.

  3. that was supposed to say “acting” not “asking”.

  4. Today is not a good day to ask me for a rant. I am SO ready for one and it would all be about my daughter — my 34 year old daughter who seems to think that asking 13 and selfish is a good thing. This is not the child I raised — where is she — is she gone for good? No, not a good day at all!