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Confessions, August

I’ve been slacking on posting confessions for the last two months; forgive me!

New here?  Confessions are (supposed to be) a monthly feature where I say stuff most people are too afraid to say, but I say it anyway.  And then you get to say your own confessions and we all go about our merry way with the weight off of our chests.

Here we go!

1) Parents who have boys with really long hair annoy the crap out of me if they get pissy when you think their child is a girl.  If your kid’s hair can be put in pig tails, excuse the hell out of me for thinking your kid is a chick if I’m seeing them from behind.

2) I handle every single bill that comes in our house.  Troy would likely have to pause and think for at least 30 seconds to tell you what bank we use.  He wouldn’t even begin to tell you what we pay my parents in rent each month, what our cell phone bills are, etc.  I file the taxes, collect all the W2s, and mail it in to the IRS.

And freaking WITHOUT FAIL, all joint financial statements and checks come addressed to “Troy and Sarah (last name)”.  Freaking sexist pigs.

3) I’m embarrassed to admit that I was probably in my teens before I realized that the “smiling Eskimo”on the Alaskan Airlines planes,


was not actually “Pa” from Little House on the Prairie.


4) Side pony tails.


5) Growing up, my favorite show was Murder She Wrote.  A runner up?  Matlock.  I was pretty much the coolest seven year old on earth.

6) I’ve been making laundry detergent for years, but have actually purchased some twice in the last few months.  Stay with me here.  I LOVED our homemade stuff, but when we got an HE top loader, the castille soap I was using the recipe just wouldn’t dissolve.

A few years ago, my friend Mary shared a liquid laundry detergent recipe with me that inspired me to start making my own (but I was lazy and made the powdered version).  I decided to try out the liquid detergent, but needed a liquid detergent container large enough to hold a batch of the homemade.  So I bought a jug of free and clear from Costco and it was lovely to just buy it.  And it felt so good, I bought another jug.  This time I’ll make my own, but man oh man, it was so easy to just put it in my giant Costco cart and go about my life.

7) I really love the song Hoizer song, Take Me to Church, even though I can tell it’s making fun of religion, and I um, go to church religiously (ha ha).

8) What is with the new really short skirt/dress trend?  At what point did we all decide that as grown women (and mothers of girls) that our vaginas needed to be flashed to the world. If I can tell how many children you’ve had while dressed, your skirt needs more fabric.  M’kay.

9) I used to drive a scooter (cheap Vespa knock off) when we lived in Olympia, and for a year or so in Los Angeles.  I had to take a motorcycle safety class, and pass a motorcycle drivers test.  So, I know that motorcyclists are taught what a safe driving distance is, safe passing, etc.

The other morning, a motorcyclist was driving like a complete ass during my commute.  He was weaving in and out of traffic, and tail-gating to the point where he could change the radio station in some cars.  When he got so close to ME, it took every ounce of self-control I had to not turn on my windshield wiper washers.  The idea of hosing this guy with cleaner fluid was so tempting.

How about you?  Your turn; get that stuff of your chest!


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24 comments on “Confessions, August”

  1. I too love “take me to church” by Hozier. I live in SC but listen to iheart radio – a station in Portland I do believe and they play it. It is actually about being gay – which I’m not but somehow I am drawn to that darned song!

    Oh well!

    Confession: I love my son’s dog, Apollo, but my husband hates the dog. He swears the dog is making his asthma act up – even though he has two dogs of his own! He asked me to not let Apollo up on the bed when he’s gone……I do because I just love that damn dog! He is a Brittany Spaniel and so very cute and funny and adorable and…cute!

  2. I also thought the airplane logo was someone else…Jimmy Hendrix, or another afro’ed person. Until 2 or 3 years ago. I’m 37.

  3. Thank you Sarah! I’ve missed your confessions!
    I would have sprayed the biker!
    I un-friended my mother on Facebook! It felt good. I know she knows, but she hasn’t said anything. She made an unnecessary comment on a picture of my dad. Bye-bye mom!
    I’ve also hung up on her, pretending it was a dropped call. I’m horrible sometimes, but she makes me want to throw my phone so far into the woods, no one could ever find it!

  4. Here’s mine. I just got laid off, & I’m trying to feel bad about it, because the pay was very good. But honestly- I’m relieved. No more sweltering shop. No more ignorant, misogynist supervisor, no more stupid drama from women bored out of their minds putting a little metal thing onto a different metal thing.
    Thank you ATK, for forever changing how awesome Savage Arms was. I won’t miss you. At all.

    • So it seems Freedom Arms is really trying to live up to the American Ideal. Buy a company, screw the employees, and shut it down because of crappy products?

      • Sure. Thanks to the shareholders too, for voting out the CEO, Ron Coburn, who turned it around out of bankruptcy a few years ago, too. All they have to do now, is move the company 90 miles, to get rid of the union, & they’ll be all set.\
        I’ve been looking at starting a business, because I see a market. Wish me luck!

      • Definitely!!

  5. We have had sewer problems this week. How hard is it to use the phone book and find a plumber? I finally wrote down all the plumbers who were somewhat close and gave it to dh. He sat and waited for one to call him back. I was like a freaking crazy woman, I will not live without a working sewer! Find a plumber!! I understand making a profit too but really $300 just to show up at my door? I remember a larger company 80 miles away, shoved the phone number at dh and we had a plumber in a few hours.

    My son has long hair but he is 20. What gets me is when people call him a girl. Half the time he doesn’t shave so he has all this stubble. Really a girl?

  6. #3 looks like John Walton to me.


    1. At the beginning of summer, I am all “I’m going to home school!” (My son is 6 now.) By the end of summer, I’m all “When can I send his little ass to school???”

    2. I am the introvert of our little family. My hubby and his “clone” are very social creatures. I prefer to be home with a book or computer.

    3. While driving, I talk to/yell at/cuss out other drivers for being too slow (& in the wrong lane) and not “knowing how to drive” in general.

    4. In line w/#2, I’m more comfortable having a conversation via text or email. I don’t even have a phone conversation w/my best friend but once a blue moon – & she lives in Montana.