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A user-friendly printable Thanksgiving checklist for all type-A planners. No matter what the holiday looks like for you this year, this Thanksgiving checklist helps you get ready with manageable bite-sized tasks.

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When you are a Type A person, nothing causes more excitement and stress than planning for a big event. Lists! Checklists! Organizing! Spreadsheets! Those words are like drugs to my people. 

Today I am sharing my anal-retentive Thanksgiving checklist. I have included a printable if you feel the need to print one out for yourself. No matter what Thanksgiving will look like for you this year, this list will keep things manageable and organized.

If you have made it this far into a Thanksgiving checklist post, chances are you’re as twisted as I am and can already picture how this checklist is going to look laminated. Spoiler alert: it’s gonna look real sexy.

If you’re tasked with cooking any of the meal, you’ll love this list of the Best Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dishes. Anything you can get done ahead of time will make the big day more simple.

Additionally, follow my tips and tricks in this post on Easy Healthy Meal Prep to make all your prep work go more smoothly.

And for my vegetarian and vegan friends, my girl Katie over at Hey Nutrition Lady has created a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu.

As with anything in life, some items on the checklist will apply to you and some won’t. Homes are different, situations are different, and preferences vary wildly. And the last 18 months, all our lives have been VERY different.

If you see a task that doesn’t apply to you, simply ignore it or sub in your own. I’ve even included some blank lines for you to modify the list to meet your own needs.

One of my favorite ways to kick off the planning for a big event is to go through the house and declutter. Set a goal as to the number of large trash bags you will donate, rehome, or toss.

Clutter is confining and inhibits creativity and efficiency. And it stresses me the heck out. So starting off with a clean slate is important to me.

And like all good Type A planners, the very first thing on the list is to make a list. Go ahead and check that one off as soon as you hit print. Instant gratification is good for the soul!

Save Time and Money on Thanksgiving Shopping

This year, more than any other year, online ordering will take center stage for holiday shopping. Here are a few of our favorite resources.

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Thrive Market

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  1. We’re having thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law (more of a sister than my actual sister). I’ll share this with her since I know she like she to be organized 

  2. This checklist is most definitely my jam! In fact, last night I was lying in bed fantasizing about my picture perfect Thanksgiving to be and realized that I needed to add “make ice” and “buy food containers” to my list.

    As with you, Thanksgiving is my Super Bowl and I always get so excited. My favorite part of the planning phase is menu editing. I rarely change the menu – most everything is someone’s must-have. But I love reading recipes and toying with the unholy idea that I could just make cheddar garlic biscuits instead of rolls this year (shocking!).

  3. I don’t know how I missed this. We never host (I live with two sever introverts), but I love the idea of this list! Maybe next year I can convince Jared to let me host for Thanksgiving as we will be close enough for some of my family to come visit.