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Confessions – January

If you’re new here, welcome! Confessions are the posts where we unload pure silliness onto the world to unburden our souls and have a few laughs.

  1. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said “oh I saw you at (fill in the blank store) the other day, but I didn’t say hi. You looked like you were on a mission”. People, that is just how I walk. I walk quickly ok. Walking with purpose isn’t a bad thing. Stop laughing at me because I’m a fast walker. I don’t judge you for being a slow walker.
  2. I just lied. I totally judge slow walkers. OMG, get out of my way. And if you want to walk that slowly, at least move to the side of the aisle. And so help me God if you’re going to be pokey, move your damn cart out of the middle of the Costco aisle. I don’t think I own the store or walking paths. But I do think we all need to pull our heads out of our own asses and realize that there are other people around us. And being a butthole and blocking aisle is a dick move.
  3. How do you sleep in pants? No seriously, how do you do that? My legs would feel like they are suffocating in the sheets and the fact that they would get tangled up would drive me absolutely i-n-s-a-n-e.
  4. I don’t understand the term “Friendsgiving”. Why can’t it just be called Thanksgiving? The day is about celebrating with those you love and being thankful for our relationships. Isn’t that basically what you’re doing at “Friendsgiving”? Why does it need its own name?
  5. Have you ever noticed that most grocery stores have an aisle label that says “International” and then another label that says “Asian”? Why isn’t Asian considered part of the International cuisine? I need to know because I can never figure it out.
  6. Jack, Bennett, and I take a daily gummy probiotic. There seems to be a pink grapefruit flavor, lemon, berry, and grape. Jack and I find the lemon boring…so that is the only flavor we give to Bennett. He thinks he is getting candy and is so pleased with himself every morning.
  7. All of the celebrity perfume/cologne ads creep me out. That one where Johnny Depp buries all his stupid jewelry in the desert confuses me. And the Gucci Guilty ads with Jared Leto make me want to immediately take a shower. My eyes feel so unclean. Out damn spot, out.
  8. I don’t get bullet journals. Is it a journal? A list? What is it?! I love making lists and taking notes, but the pictures of these I see on Instagram makes me think they are multi-purpose or something. Please tell me!
  9. I really like the movie Open Range. I don’t like westerns, but this movie is fabulous. Starts slowly, but holy smokes it is fabulous.
  10. When I was in sixth grade I played Tonya Harding in a school talent show. Boom.


Ok, there you go! Your turn. What do you need to get off your chest?

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58 comments on “Confessions – January”

  1. I should start a running list of things that irritate.

    My husband eating celery or cornflakes within earshot will do for now!

    Re Bullet Journal…. I started in October and it’s developing nicely. I spent all my adult years searching for a diary/agenda/calendar to suit and always had millions of note books and bits of paper with lists. Now the whole lot is in one book and I’m getting much more organised.

    When I started though I decided that my mantra was to be ‘Perfection is not an option’, as my BuJo (they don’t say BJ for fairly obvious reasons – snigger) isn’t an art work, it’s a functional item in my armoury in Getting Shit Done.

    Soooooo I have pages for my calendar, room to put in customer appointments ( I run a garment alterations business from a home studio), a list of current work that I have to do, meal plan (master meal plan in the back) Freezer inventory, errrrmmmmmm list of stuff I am waiting for such as hearing back from people, ordered items coming through the post. Got a daily jobs list and am going to try and sort out a weekly and monthly one as well.

    • We were talking about breakfast at work, and someone thought I could lighten my morning routine by “just eating cereal.” I told her, no, it wouldn’t work for us because everyone would have to eat in a different room. Just say no to public cereal-and-milk eating.

    • I love that BuJo is the appropriate acronym for the bullet journal!

      So I adore setting up to do lists and things, but does making a whole calendar for an entire year get exhausting?

  2. Sarah–you make me smile!
    Slow walkers and slow drivers make me crazy too. Stay to the right people.
    Also people with there phones having personal conversations on speaker. No one else needs to hear it.
    Loud music in the car. Your music of choice does not need to be heard by everyone else!

  3. I missed this!
    I’ve always had an addiction to planners (total nerd) but there was always something about the set up of the planner that annoyed me. When I discovered bullet journals, I was hooked. With the exception of when my brain was recovering from derby, I’ve been using a version of bullet journaling for a few years. I’ll post something about it on IG.
    Ok, my big confession. I want to pack the truck, take my dog, and just go live in nature. I deeply love my hubby and kiddo, but I’m tired of being on the job 24/7/365. And I feel like a shitty person because of it.
    On a lighter note, slow walkers- agreed. At 5’1″ I’m pretty quick and I can weave through a crowd like a snake, but slow walkers just need to move it.
    I can’t wait to leave MI. We have made some great friends here but I miss the smaller town living and some variety in the landscape.

    • Where is your next station assignment and when does that happen?

      The idea of living alone in peace and quiet is so appealing. I feel you!

      Tag me on the IG post please!

      • We are here for another year, maybe more. We won’t find out until 3-6 months before we leave, so November-ish.

  4. 2. Add to the list those folks think it is a good idea to congregate in the middle of a grocery isle or at the end of it. And those folks that stop to review their receipts just before, and smack dab in the middle of, the exit doors.

    7. Who amongst us didn’t appreciate Jared Leto circa My So Called Life, but I am not a fan of this androgynous look. Johnny Depp just looks like he could benefit from a hot bath, a haircut, a shave and less jewelry. Neither he nor Jared Leto are aging well in my opinion.

    • YES! Just be aware that there are people around you. I want to start an Instagram account called “Assholes at the grocery store”. I’d blur out faces but would love to shame people for their terrible cart etiquette!

      I would love to attack Johnny Depp with some eye makeup remover. The eyeliner over usage hurts my soul. Troy used to be in the film industry and had a friend who was treated horribly by Jared Leto on set (just acted like a complete asshole; nothing illegal) and so I haven’t liked him for years.

  5. I can\’t imagine NOT wearing pants to bed!!!
    Pyjama pants, not jeans or anything. They don\’t get tangled. How would that even HAPPEN. Do your pants get tangled during the day? How do you stay warm if you aren\’t wearing pants? I\’d freeze! Nightgowns hike up through the night and end up around my waist, so that is not an option. And shorts are for warm summer nights.
    I agree with YJ. There is a lot of \”Asian\” food. Enough to fill it\’s own aisle. Where I live, we also have other sections (naturally, I can\’t think of a single one….) and I guess everything else that doesn\’t have enough for it\’s own special section falls under \”International\”
    I was looking at something about bullet journals the other day. They make no sense to me.

    • Sure I wear pants during the day, but I never lay down or cover myself up with blankets. 🙂
      I prefer to be super cold when I get in bed. 365 days a year, I wear a men’s white tank/undershirt (“wife beater”) and underwear to bed.
      We only have a small Asian section in my local store and that makes me sad. It is my favorite cuisine!

      • I was grocery shopping yesterday and I noticed a “Mediterranean” section, an “Indian” one and a “Portuguese” section. there are more, I am sure, but those were the ones I noticed. I was also (separately) in a Chinese store too. They have SOOOOOO many interesting items I have never heard of in there! (and a lot of their veggies are cheaper?)
        Also, I don’t know why my last post has all those slashes in it. I hope this one isn’t the same.
        Good thing you and I don’t share a room/bed at night. We would NOT get along! Me in my pants and t-shirt, covered up to my chin, with a afghan over my feet! I prefer to be toasty-cozy warm! 🙂

      • Wow, I wish we had all of those options! #smalltownshopping

        We would be terrible bedfellows!

  6. 1) i sleep in pants because my legs stick together when I get warm. BLECH.

    2) Bullet Journals are super customizable and I didn’t get them either before AT ALL. Finally, I practiced in a cheap notebook for a few months, read some how-tos, and now I have a very fancy/pretty one for personal stuff, and a very utilitarian/just the bare bones of information one for work. It’s so much more than a calendar and a to-do list. I really suggest giving it a try and don’t get intimidated by the Bullet Journal Artists. It doesn’t have to be beautiful to be useful to you. My mantra for 2018 is “Perfect is Boring” and BOY are my journals imperfect.

  7. Oh wow, I am SO WITH YOU on the slow walkers. And I AM a slow walker (cause I have short legs which equals short strides) but I learned a long, LONG time ago to just stay to the right. Then the fast walkers can get past me. This, to me, is common sense/common courtesy, but yikes, no one seems to know it.

    Confession: I eat when I’m bored. I know this. And yet it’s still a struggle to not STUFF MY FACE all the time in the winter when there are limited things I can do (for health reasons).

  8. haha, it’s because there is just too much “asian” food to share with the “international”. :o)

    I live in Chinatown, so we don’t have either of those aisles. But then it’s impossible to find things like marshmellows.

    • Not here in “honky-ville”. The Asian section in my local store is pitiful. But we have loads of marshmallows and junky shit. 🙂

      • Hahahaha!–“Honky-ville”! I was always annoyed when asked me/us for our race. It killed my kids that I would always check “other” and write “honky.”

        They lived.

        I’ve almost always had short hair, though, and I only recently found out that a popular question asked of my children in HS was, “Is your mother gay?”

        And now, as adults (both over 6′ tall), if one wears jeans and a sweatshirt, someone will almost always think she is a man (big blue eyes, beautiful fair skin and lush brunette hair half way to her tush), and the other, a very willowy blond girly-girl (she is a sales manager for a beauty products department at a well known high end store) just got mistaken for a man a few weeks ago. It’s annoying.

      • That is amazing!

  9. Bullet journals are kind of whatever you want them to be- most people use them as their annual planner but since you are creating it, you can also use it as an actual journal or to make lists. This website explains the “proper” way to use one, but once again I think anything goes! I used one last year instead of a traditional planner, went back to a traditional planner this year and now kind of wish I just bullet journaled again because I like being able to dictate how my stuff is planned I guess!

  10. Confessions is back!
    1) I totally agree with the slow walkers…. also I live in a metropolitain area with a lot of escalators, and the worst are people who stand right after the escalator to “try to find out where to go”. Dangerous. I will push you people.

    2) whats wrong with my 57 year old coworker who tries to explain computers to me. Like the kind of explaining you would do to a kid. Do I tell her that just because she talks louder and is more annoying that I still know the answer? Or leave her in her blissfull ignorance? I am lost.

    3) My kid who doesn’t stop talking. I am so glad christmas is over and he can tell 40% of his word diarrhea to his kindergarten teacher.

    4) my husbands man-flu is dangerous. He had it since Christmas Eve, and tells me in detail about it every day. He might die. It might be from the flu. It might be from a pillow on his face.

    5) I think Bullet Journals might be for people who want to draw a design with 5 colors around the term “take the trash out”. Procrastination on paper.

    6) I still can’t get over people using “u” for you, “4” for for…… It hurts my eyes. It makes me want to defriend, unfollow and generally find a way to slap somebody in the face through the phone.

    • I so hear you on the kid talking and man flu. It is enough to drive anyone insane!

      • Please, at least pretend to listen to your kids at home. I’m a teacher and when I ask about the book I just read I get a 9,000 word dissertation about boogers, the dogs making little puppies or a youtube video of stupid human tricks. I have a class full of tiny humans and I cannot possibly listen to each one of them tell me a story each day.

      • A quote from a post two weeks ago. 🙂

        “Troy saw some quote a few months ago that said something along the lines of “if you don’t listen when things aren’t important, they won’t tell you anything when it is important”. And we constantly remind ourselves of that as we are listening to the 400th hour of the merits of creative mode versus player mode.”