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Freezing Raspberries {How to Freeze Raspberries}

Learn all the tips and tricks for Freezing Raspberries to stock your freezer with this amazing seasonal fruit. Learning how to freeze raspberries is a great way to preserve this delicious summertime crop without needing any special equipment. 

A jar of frozen raspberries with a sprig of mint on a wooden board

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Have an amazing glut of fresh raspberries? What a great problem to have! After you’ve already made No-Cook Raspberry Freezer Jam and eaten as much as you can, what’s your next step? Freezing all the extras for delicious future snacks and treats.

Interested in growing your own amazing raspberries? Check out this post on how to build a raspberry trellis for under $50 to produce hundreds of dollars worth of berries every year.

CAN YOU FREEZE Raspberries?

Heck yes, you can (and should)! Just like freezing blackberries, freezing peaches, freezing cherries, freezing strawberries, and freezing blueberries, knowing how to freeze fresh produce is a great skill to have. Check out my complete guide on how to freeze fresh produce.

What is the Best Way To Freeze Raspberries?

Flash freezing, or the act of freezing food individually, allows the food to be stored without clumping together. In this instance, we’re going to put the berries on a rimmed baking sheet and freeze for 2 hours. 

Once frozen, you can transfer to freezer storage (we love these reusable silicone bags) and scoop out whatever amount you need without having to hack away at a hunk of berries.

a tray of frozen raspberries

Do You Wash Berries Before You Freeze Them?

Yes! A good rinse will remove fluff, insects, and plant debris, which nobody wants in their raspberries. 


You can freeze raspberries in a traditional freezer for up to six months or a deep freeze for a year. Imagine in the dead of winter pulling some berries from the freezer to make Raspberry Lemon Creme Brulee or Frozen Berry Cake. How much would your snowy January day improve with a homemade summery dessert?


a smiling boy with a raspberry on his finger

Freezing Raspberries {How to Freeze Raspberries}

Learning how to freeze your own berries is a great way to preserve this delicious summertime crop.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Freezing Time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs 5 mins
Course: How To
Cuisine: American
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  • Rinse your berries in a colander and set aside to drain and air dry a bit.
  • Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment or a silpat. 
  • Add the raspberries to the baking sheet and place the tray in the freezer.  Pro tip: If you have a lot to freeze at once, lay another piece of parchment on top of the berries and top with an additional layer of fruit. 
  • Freeze for 2 hours. 
  • Break apart any clumps that have formed on the baking sheet and transfer the blackberries to freezer-proof storage.


Berries are good in the freezer for 6-12 months.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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