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Applebutter in the Crockpot

Applebutter makes me think of my nana (rest her soul) Ramona and her best friend Irma.  If you’re picturing two grandmas who are adorable because they’re name Ramona and Irma making applebutter, you’ve got a great visual of these two.

Irma lived in Southern California, and she would travel up to Washington every few years for a long visit.  They would chat, cook, and can.  And the rest of us would reap the benefits.  Applebutter on toast, sandwiches, ice cream, and yogurt is delicious and comforting.

Flash forward to present day.  I still love applebutter, but I don’t have days at a time to spend cooking and canning.  So, per my usual route, I’ve redone a classic that looks/tastes like it took forever, but it is for the lazy.  Oh, and I made it a healthier.  I mean, a WHOLE lot healthier.

If you’ve ever seen an applebutter recipe, you’ll notice that they call for about 5 billion cups of sugar.  Have you ever had an apple before?  Kinda sweet, eh?  Why the need to add tons of sugar?

Sarah’s Crockpot Applebutter that tastes like your Nana’s, but didn’t require retirement to make
A bunch (5-10+) of apples of your choice.  I like an assortment/whatever is on sale
Honey (or sweetener of your choice)

Apologies in advance for the craptastic photos in this post.

Peel, core, and chop the apples of your choice.   Put them in the crockpot and sprinkle with copious amounts of cinnamon and a light sprinkle of both nutmeg and cloves.  Just when you think “that is probably enough cinnamon”, I like to add about one more tablespoon.

I always do a drizzle of honey on top as well – maybe two tablespoons?  Cook on low for at least five hours.

After five hours, give them a stir.  If the apples are soft and mushy, they’re ready to go.

I use my immersion blender in the crockpot to blend the apples until smooth.

If you don’t want to can these, make sure they’re in freezer-proof containers.  When apple butter thaws, you can never tell visually or by taste that it has been previously frozen.  These would make some tasty holiday gifts, and “hands on” time is about 15 minutes

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9 comments on “Applebutter in the Crockpot”

  1. Something I found out when I switched most of my jam-making over to lower-sugar: the extra sugar in a lot of recipes of this type is actually included as a preservation agent. So while you can omit it, your preserves will probably not keep quite as well for quite as long. It’s not a reason not to can it, but it is a good reason to make sure you use it within a year or so.

    I love the crock pot + immersion blender method for this…we did a batch with pears and cardamom this year that was just amazing. Next year I’m contemplating trying it with crabapples because the only thing butter than lazy apple butter is free lazy apple butter. 🙂

  2. Pears and cardamon? YUM!!!!! What a great idea.

  3. If you can it, for how long do you process it? I’m assuming water bath? This looks amazingly yummy.

  4. Yeah, I’m wondering what canning method you use for applebutter, too. (Where DID I put that Blue Book?)

    • You should be able to WBC these, but I never have. I don’t put as much sugar in the recipe as it calls for in canning. I’m sure it’s ok, but haven’t tried it because of safety issues.

  5. Don’t you have to use some kind of liquid in the crockpot, with the apples? Also, do you not stir the mixture up at all, before leaving it to cook for 5 hours?

    • Nope, as they heat, the apples “sweat” and give off their own liquid. I don’t stir during that time. Just cook it on low and it should be fine.

  6. I was thinking of using your recipe as possible Christmas gifts but I was wondering what recommendations you have for “canning” it without doing the WBC method. Thanks!

  7. I just love your blog, the way you type is so refeshing and exactly how I speak !!! absolutely love it, new and existing ideas for me… thank you