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If you’re new here, welcome! Confessions are the posts where we unload pure silliness onto the world to unburden our souls and have a few laughs.

  1. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said “oh I saw you at (fill in the blank store) the other day, but I didn’t say hi. You looked like you were on a mission”. People, that is just how I walk. I walk quickly ok. Walking with purpose isn’t a bad thing. Stop laughing at me because I’m a fast walker. I don’t judge you for being a slow walker.
  2. I just lied. I totally judge slow walkers. OMG, get out of my way. And if you want to walk that slowly, at least move to the side of the aisle. And so help me God if you’re going to be pokey, move your damn cart out of the middle of the Costco aisle. I don’t think I own the store or walking paths. But I do think we all need to pull our heads out of our own asses and realize that there are other people around us. And being a butthole and blocking aisle is a dick move.
  3. How do you sleep in pants? No seriously, how do you do that? My legs would feel like they are suffocating in the sheets and the fact that they would get tangled up would drive me absolutely i-n-s-a-n-e.
  4. I don’t understand the term “Friendsgiving”. Why can’t it just be called Thanksgiving? The day is about celebrating with those you love and being thankful for our relationships. Isn’t that basically what you’re doing at “Friendsgiving”? Why does it need its own name?
  5. Have you ever noticed that most grocery stores have an aisle label that says “International” and then another label that says “Asian”? Why isn’t Asian considered part of the International cuisine? I need to know because I can never figure it out.
  6. Jack, Bennett, and I take a daily gummy probiotic. There seems to be a pink grapefruit flavor, lemon, berry, and grape. Jack and I find the lemon boring…so that is the only flavor we give to Bennett. He thinks he is getting candy and is so pleased with himself every morning.
  7. All of the celebrity perfume/cologne ads creep me out. That one where Johnny Depp buries all his stupid jewelry in the desert confuses me. And the Gucci Guilty ads with Jared Leto make me want to immediately take a shower. My eyes feel so unclean. Out damn spot, out.
  8. I don’t get bullet journals. Is it a journal? A list? What is it?! I love making lists and taking notes, but the pictures of these I see on Instagram makes me think they are multi-purpose or something. Please tell me!
  9. I really like the movie Open Range. I don’t like westerns, but this movie is fabulous. Starts slowly, but holy smokes it is fabulous.
  10. When I was in sixth grade I played Tonya Harding in a school talent show. Boom.

Ok, there you go! Your turn. What do you need to get off your chest?

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  1. Oh, oh, oh, WAIT~ Yes!

    I am tall and walk fast. How on earth is it that people who walk behind me walk on my heels (otherwise known as “giving a flat”)?!? Seriously — just give people a bit of space! And it only happens to me. I will be walking with my family, all walking briskly together and the same pace and someone will give me a flat!

    I’ll sign off now, so I can think of more things that annoy me.

    It won’t be hard. ; )

  2. I think my comments covered some of the things that annoy me.

    My husband thinks way too many things annoy me. I think he’s unconscious a lot, so….

  3. *Since your post about ibotta, I’ve been addicted to the app. Since July, my lifetime earnings $217.97
    *I also feel sorry for people passing on the right as my husband drives “fast enough” in the fast lane. So I make sure to tell him every time they give us the finger as they pass …I try to hide my face.
    *when my husband doesn’t take the packed lunch/dinner (he works second shift) I made him, I don’t cook dinner that night and mention that there is STILL (whatever) in the fridge from the day before. And I’ll eat a bowl of cereal. Cooking and cleaning takes time so you better eat that####!
    *I have eaten my lunch with my fingers on several occasions in my car to avoid a coworker who won’t shut up EVER. and read all my emails in my car. Basically anything I can do in my car from where I can punch in on the time clock app on the WiFi.
    *I wear big pink headphones and pretend to be listening to music on my iPhone at work- also to avoid annoying coworker.

    1. Isn’t it the best? Wow, you’re crushing it with the rebates. That is so awesome!

      I love, love, love the fact that you eat cereal to prove a point to your husband. So great.

  4. 1. I also am a fast walker. My husband more so….we have the same leg length. He points this out when we walk. But his torso is like a ladder and mine like a stump…..this is my excuse. I get the “come on let’s go” from him and “geez slowdown” from everyone else!
    2. Always parked carts in the middle of the isle! WHY!!!!!’ I want to steal them and put them in a corner somewhere! Like this is your time out you jerk!
    3. Sleep pants in bed! Yeah! I’m Canadian….leg hair, and flannel sheets are not enough to survive the winter.
    4. What the hell is “Friendsgiving”?
    5. Up here we have an international isle but each type has its own subcategory not just Asian.
    6. Lemon is not boring!!!
    7. …….there are no words for what I just watched
    8. Bullet what? It’s becoming increasingly obvious that I live under a rock.
    9. A rock. I once played the roll of the Candy Kid in a high school musical. It was a western.
    10. Seriously I would have loved to see that play!! Were you able to capture her sheer determination?