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Two minute coleslaw

You might have seen me mention coleslaw occasionally in my meal plans.  Cabbage is crazy good for you, and ‘slaw is something that comes together in a flash, and is beloved by both Troy and myself.  I’ve stopped trying to figure out things to make that Jack will enjoy.  Screw that guy.  I wish his tastebuds would mature…I wish he’d stop acting like a child.

Oh wait…

So, if you need a quick side dish to throw together in-between commercials on HGTV, speed ‘slaw should be on your radar.

Speed Slaw
1 package of shredded cabbage and carrots
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/8 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1/4 celery seed (not celery salt)
1/4 tsp evaporated cane juice (a more pure form of sugar that isn’t as processed)
1 tblsp rice vinegar
1/4-1/3 cup mayo

1) Place your shredded cabbage and carrot in a large mixing bowl.

2) Add the salt, pepper, cane juice, and celery seed.



3) Add the rice vinegar and mayo.  I hate mayo, so I typically add it a little bit by little bit until it’s reached the consistency you want.


4) Mix!  That’s it.

A fun variation is to add a bit of horseradish for a nice kick.

It’s typically best after a few hours in the fridge to meld the flavors together.

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4 comments on “Two minute coleslaw”

  1. Yum! I should make a big batch of coleslaw one of these days. It definitely tastes better the 2nd day in the fridge, and I too dislike a mayo salad, as I’ve seen in some places… I love mayo, but not like that!

  2. I love to add chopped apples to slaw like this too. And I also save the broccoli stalks (we have broccoli usually twice a week) and grate them into scrambled eggs … so if I have them around, I grate broccoli stalk into my slaw too.YUM.

  3. My son likes veggies, but doesn’t care for salad dressing of any variety, so I always leave a little slaw naked for him. I also like to add a swirl of toasted sesame oil sometimes to give it a little asian flair.

  4. Hi Sara, thank you so much for posting this when you did! I needed some veggies with our meal Tuesday night and had some cabbage laying around. Husband was so happy to have cole slaw, it was perfect!