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If you’re new around here, confessions is a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment. I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it.

Let’s get started!

A woman with a finger up to her mouth saying "shhhhh"

Confession 1

The boys are super into watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. I do appreciate the videos that capture people doing hilarious and ridiculous stuff inside their homes. Thank you for sharing this moment for my enjoyment.

But am I the only one who is creeped out AF about having video cameras INSIDE your home? I guess it could make sense if you have pets and need to keep an eye on them while you’re at work. But all other explanations weird me out hardcore.

Confession 2

My beloved teal watch band finally broke, but thankfully, I had purchased a multi-band pack over two years ago. The only colors left were black or pink (I think it is the obnoxiously-named “Millennial pink” color). I hate pink.

I think I secretly love this watch band though. I’m not very girlie and this tiny pop of pink has added a feminine touch that is missing from my life.

It will not last long at all though. A light-colored band will not survive in my world. I’ve already had to scrub it clean after cleaning out the wood stove and working in the garden. I’m the reason we can’t have nice things.

Confession 3

Last fall (maybe Septemberish?), I had the weirdest interaction with a reader on Instagram. In fact, it was so odd that I am still turning it over in my mind.

I had posted a silly slo-mo video of Bennett stacking and busting through a few 12-packs of toilet paper. A few hours after posting it, I had a DM (direct message) from someone asking why I was hoarding toilet paper.

I explained that I wasn’t and that I always had this much TP on hand. My parents had been Costco shoppers from way back, and I just grew up with a big stash at home. It is my normal. I mentioned that the fact that people DON’T always have a ton of toilet paper at home caught me off-guard during the TP rush last spring.

She told me that toilet paper was still really hard to find where she was (over 1,500 miles away…) and that me having all that toilet paper was considered hoarding. I told her I was sorry that it was still such a struggle but mentioned that our stores were fully-stocked and nothing was in short supply except yeast. And in fact, the toilet paper my kid was playing with had actually been purchased pre-pandemic.

I then was treated to a lecture that perhaps if other people shopped like her (never buy more than you need, and don’t hoard items), then perhaps nothing would be out of stock. I could picture her lecture being written with some pearl-clutching with a haughty sniff.

I again told her that toilet paper was flowing freely in our stores and actually, I hadn’t purchased any for 6+ months, and thus my established TP stash was not contributing to any pandemic buying. But the lecture continued about why I was basically ruining society.

I finally just told her to have a great day and stopped interacting. I knew this interaction was not about me. It must be so frustrating to need something and not be able to find it. Fall was still a stressful time in many areas for lockdown. Her anger needed an outlet. 

But here’s the thing. I’m not here to be your outlet. Call a friend, family, or a professional. I’m a human being who is here to help you make fantastic meals for your family in under 30 minutes. I might make you laugh along the way, but my main goal is to improve your life and help you come up with a wonderful pantry-inspired dinner.

You’re an adult and I am not your punching bag.

Confession 4

I listen to a lot of investigative podcasts, and I’m not sure how or when the hosts got the memo that you’re supposed to take long dramatic pauses while talking. Half the time I’ll be out walking and think my earbuds have run out of batteries or my phone stopped working. Just speak normally!

Confession 5

I promote my blog in lots of recipe-sharing Facebook groups. They’ll have names like “Simple Weeknight Dinners” or something. Everyone is there to discuss and share recipe ideas.

Which makes it so infuriating when people respond “google it” or “check Pinterest” when people ask for recipe suggestions. Um, the whole point of this group is to share recipes that YOU like. You literally joined to share recipes.

Confession 6

In the “before times” I used to take the kids grocery shopping unless of course, I could avoid it. One day we were in the produce section and I was getting ready to choose a container of greens.

Jack insisted we get spinach or baby kale and then Bennett started yelling that he wanted arugula. I realized that in the history of this grocery store this was probably the bougiest conversation that had ever happened.

Confession 7

I’ve never seen When Harry Met Sally.



Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess?

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  1. We always had 2 Costco-sized packages of tp in our house pre-pandemic so I too was surprised by the shortage last year. Why wouldn’t you stay stocked up on that???

    I got a new protective cover for my Apple Watch and my old band didn’t work with it. I found a small company in TN that makes silicone rings and watch bands. I haven’t worn a wedding ring since my oldest was born 13 years ago because it no longer fits so my husband told me to order a ring and watch band for myself for Valentines day. Well, I picked a kind of girly one with purples, pinks and reds that looks like clouds at sunset and I adore it so much. I’m not very girly but it makes me happy every time I catch a glimpse of my wrist or hand. 

    Last week we had snow all week, this week it’s in the 70s and pouring rain all week. I cannot handle the abrupt weather changes in the south! I’ve lived here 7 years and I’m still not used to it. I miss gradual weather changes!

    1. Even when we had a 600 sq ft apartment in Los Angeles, we still always had a lot of TP. I seriously don’t understand the panic that happened in spring. I’m not shaming/blaming anyone. Just genuinely confused.

      What a fun Valentine’s gift and I’m so glad it brings you a little joy.

  2. 1 –  I started to write a comment, had to open a new window to spell check a word and when I cam back everything was gone. Hopefully just gone and not submitted with train wreck spelling. 
    2 – I clip my husbands nails (finger and toe). Many of my friends had beef with their men about shredding the sheets, raptor claws, etc. I decided to short cut it. Thankfully he likes it and feels very loved when I take care his nails. 
    3 – I can’t stand Dickens. Too many words. 
    4 – Confessions is my favorite post. All the recipes are wonderful, but this just brings a certain joy to my heart. 

    1. Nope, there was no rogue comment hiding for me to approve. And I would have deleted it for you if there was. 🙂

  3. I posted a video of our dog doing the whole jumping over layers of toilet paper thing until she realized, “Hey, I can just knock this over”.  A friend, of course, made a comment about how much toilet paper I had.  Yup, I shop at Costco and had just *happened* to buy one of their car-sized packages of TP right before everything went bananas.  I cannot apologize for that.  I also had a massive bag of rice because we eat a lot of rice and we are cheap, cheap, cheap.

    1. Do you get your rice at Costco? They have such a great selection!

      About 2 weeks before everyone started panicking last March, I bought a bag of rice at Costco. I saw where things were going and just wanted to refill our supply. Welp, a few weeks into the shutdown, I was bored and reorganized all our food storage in the garage. I have these 5-gallon food buckets with gamma lids on them where I store food I buy in bulk. I’ve had them for 12 years now and they work great.

      Well, I was labeling them better and reorganizing, and I opened one to find…a bucket already completely full of rice. Whoops. It hasn’t gone to waste, and we offered rice to any neighbors or family who couldn’t find any. But it taught me to definitely label things better!

  4. My instant pot took, no joke, 50 minutes to come up to pressure and it had my lunch inside so I ate two peanut butter filled pretzels and refuse to count them as WW points because it was about SURVIVAL.  I also ate the last banana when I knew my oldest would want it because I was stabby.

  5. I think When Harry Met Sally is dumb.  There!  I said it.  But pretty much every other woman out there who is not me loves it.  ???

  6. I also HATE when people say google it or look on pinterest when people ask for a recipe in a group. If you don’t have one, say nothing. If you do, give them the link. People are asking for tried and true.

    Ok here’s mine – I’ve never read To Kill a Mockingbird (or seen the movie for that matter but with literary classics like that I feel the book is more necessary).

    1. Exactly! And why be in a place to share recipes if you think people need to leave that place to find recipes?

      To Kill a Mockingbird is definitely a must-read, my friend.

  7. #1:  Do you mean like security-type cameras inside?  I thought that was weird too until someone, who has one, explained that their house had been robbed and vandalized. They had them installed after that.  I think it sucks that needing one is necessary. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened again.
    #2: I AM girly, and love pink.  I recently decided to replace my filthy, one-pretty, pink band with a boring grey one, hoping that it won’t look so dirty so fast.  I am bummed. 
    #3:  A pack of Costco paper lasts quite a while in my house.  When I was getting low,  back in April or so, while it was hard to get,  I decided then that I would always have an UNopened pack in the house.  I don’t care if people think I am hoarding.  I always have one “in reserve” now, if people get dumb about it (for a THIRD time) and I don’t need to worry about it anymore.   But, in my defence, I bought when it was plentiful.  And I spaced out my initial two purchases. 
    Some people are not happy unless they are making others unhappy.  Just feel a little bad for them, then forget about them.
    #5:  I have quietly LEFT groups where people can’t be bothered to search within it before asking for suggestions.  There are a gazillion recipes like what you are asking for.  Use the group’s search function first! 
    #6: Not bougie.  Be super proud that your kids like greens/veggies.  Any ‘eye-rollers’ probably have picky kids who wouldn’t touch arugula, kale or spinach!

    1. Yeah, security cameras. So why not have them outside or maybe pointing to entry points? These people seem to have them in all rooms in their home. Eeek!

      An “in reserve” pack of TP just makes a lot of sense.

      1. After hearing about how this person’s home (interior!) was vandalized, I honestly don’t blame him for having interior security cameras now.   I’d bet money that his capture a good quality picture, too.  
        But I still think it is weird, in general!

        I’m glad you don’t think I am a hoarder.  hahahahahaha!   

  8. I have never seen Gone with the Wind or Titanic or pretty much any other movie ever made. The thought of committing that much time to a watching a movie for 2 hours makes me slightly nauseous. Reading a book yes – a movie no!!

    I’m scared of knives. Never cut myself but have a genuine fear of getting cut or seeing someone get cut. If my husband wants to sharpen the knives he has to do it when I’m not around because I hate sound so much. 

    Toenails…. can’t stand them. Mine or anyone else’s. 

    Corporate speak or language. I didn’t realize how much I hated it this week until a certain meeting. If you work in that environment and have to actually use passive aggressive corporate speak for your work language…. I don’t know how you do it.  Just say what you mean when you want it, how you want it and it will be done. None of this beating around the bush 47 times.

    1. I read Gone With the Wind in 6th grade and so decided to watch the movie. No joke, the VHS was 3 tapes. LONG movie!

      Let me “circle back” to your last comment later. I just don’t have the bandwidth to think about it right now. HA!

  9. I’m 69 years old. My parents would buy yearly amounts of non-perishable items like soap, toilet paper and canned fish and canned vegetables when they went on sale. So do I. Saves money and saves lugging them home every other week. When freezers came along, they stocked up on meat every six months. So do I. Saves money and shopping in the winter.

    Unfortunately, in all likelihood that person does not have either the space or the income to do this.

    1. Absolutely, it just makes sense if you have the space and can afford it. It’s how we always grew up.

  10. 1. I will never take my kids grocery shopping with me again. I have been ruined forever by solo pandemic shopping and curbside pickup.
    2. I have never seen Titanic
    3. My kids come into my bed to cuddle with me every morning and even though I truly love them I actually hate waking up that way. Like truly hate it.