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If you’re new around here, confessions is a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment. I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it.

Let’s get started! 

A woman with a finger up to her mouth saying "shhhhh"

Confession 1

Nothing makes me laugh harder or smile more than seeing two dogs together who are completely different sizes. A mastiff and a pug as best friends? Forget about it, my day/week is made. Make that into a reality show and I will absolutely watch it.

The only thing better is if the giant dog has a diminutive name like “Tiny”.

Confession 2

After I workout or run, there is always a moment when I’m struggling to remove my sweaty sports bra when I think “this is how I’m going to die”. Every.single.time.

Confession 3

I was shopping at a small independent store and had to use their bathroom. It was cutely decorated, but there, by the toilet, was a basket of magazines.

First off, NO. Second, why are you trying to keep people in your bathroom longer? Third, NO. Fourth, NOOOOOOO.

Confession 4

My friend’s daughter went to a Montessori daycare, and the daycare helped potty train all the kids. But I guess instead of calling in potty training, they call it “toileting”.

It always caught me off guard when I would hear her say “(kid’s name) do you have to toilet”? It always sounded like she was talking to a well-trained dog.

Confession 5

Dear motorcycles who tailgate cars, not a good idea. In fact, it’s a super bad idea. I never took physics in school, but I understand that in any situation in which you crash into a car, you’re going to lose. Please be safe. Xo, Sarah.



Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess?

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  1. My daughter (5 yo) and I have hit a rough patch over kindergarten. She was supposed to be practicing letter forms, but instead wrote “ i do not lic mama.”

    I laughed so hard, which made her more angry. I also complimented her on her creative spelling. 

  2. 1. I love stealing words and phrases like “toileting”, “loo”, “wonky”, etc. for my own personal use.
    2. I learned a life rule that has served me incredibly well from TV. The 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.
    3. My husband and I keep bees. Even though I know 99% of the time when they fly around me they’re just checking me out, I still flail and run around like a goon.
    4. I am so happy to feel the crisp edge to the wind and the promise of Autumn and rain. I’m convinced I have reverse SAD and all this sun is a real buzzkill.
    5. I started dyeing my eyelashes and eyebrows at home a couple of years ago. No regrets. Not wearing mascara is amazing.

      1. Hollie, 
        I’ve been using Refectocil Color Kit off Amazon on the recommendation of a friend who does hair for a living. It’s always treated me well, though lashes can tingle a bit. And definitely start with less time uand build up for brows, I jumped in at a 10 minute start with “natural brown” which didn’t look very natural on my pale red head skin 🙂 
        Cleansing oil or a makeup wipe takes the excess off the skin very well.

    1. This summer has been a doozy. Everything is dusty and crusty. I’m constantly looking at the weather app to see when we might get rain.

  3. I’m 46 years old and animals in the yard still makes me happy. We had a Blue Heron walking through our suburban backyard the other day and I called the whole family to come see. Deer on the side of the road? You know I’m going to announce it!

  4. I wonder if the magazines may be for the employees when they toilet?

    Also it’s funny because my eldest sons father is from Germany living in Ireland and when he needs to go to the bathroom he says go use toilet or go to the toilet. He said it’s funny how Americans say bathroom or rest room because it’s the toilet they are going to use, not the bath or to rest.

    1. It’s true, our names for the room where we relieve ourselves are oddly named. But toileting still makes me double take.

  5. I’m taking care of my 4yo niece in the mornings for 3 weeks until her preschool starts (staffing shortages caused a delay). I adore being an aunt. I’m very involved with all my nieces and nephews; the two eldest are currently living with me while they attend college. Tiniest niece and I are having a fun time together. But if ever I doubted my decision not to have children, this is confirmation that motherhood is NOT for me.

    1. I applaud you for making that decision! Kids are constant work and if you’re not fully in it, it’s brutal. And even if you are, it’s still brutal some days. 🙂

  6. As I see many of my friends sending kids off to college and lamenting becoming empty nesters, I have to stop myself from telling them how much I love my empty nest. Seriously love my kids and miss them but this is a fabulous phase of life!

    1. I love my empty nest too. Had daughter here till 3 y ago (she’s 31) because of chronic illness. 

      Am I a terrible person for not Being desperate to have grandchildren?  I still look after my daughter, so feeling that a grandchild as well…….

      My son and DIL are expecting. February. I have a little time to get Used to the idea.