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22 Handmade Gift Ideas That People Will Actually Want

If you’re looking for unique and creative gifts, you’ll love these Handmade Gift Ideas that people will actually want! Get 22 affordable DIY gift ideas for women, men, coworkers, friends, or neighbors.

5 photos of homemade gifts- rice bags, fudge, marshmallows, lotion bars, and tumeric latte mix

Some people adore giving handmade gifts because they are made with love. Some people make homemade gifts to make sure their gifts are creative and unique. And still others do it because they need affordable gifts.

Regardless of your desire for handmade gift ideas, there is something here for everyone on your list. Most are extremely easy handmade gifts that will have a “wow” factor without a ton of work.

To make these lovely gifts even more special, make sure you use reusable fabric gift bags. They really amp up the “wow” factor!

22 Handmade Gift Ideas That People Will Actually Want



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15 comments on “22 Handmade Gift Ideas That People Will Actually Want”

  1. So many fun ideas here!

  2. So many good ideas! I will have to try a few. I’ve been wanting to try the lotion bars for a while now, I’ve never used them before, but I don’t have molds. Maybe it’s time to get some 😉

  3. NAILED IT! Soooo making that strawberry bark.

  4. 2″ x 2″ silicone mold for the first 6. Switched to a muffin tin lined with cupcake lines for the next 24. Much faster for bulk production!

  5. I did it! 30 lotion bars made and many already given to coworkers and a neighbor. So far everyone loves them. Distributing the rest to family this weekend and Christmas Day. Thank you so much for this cheap and easy gift idea! 

  6. I’m finally going to make my own lotion bars! Only been thinking about it for a year or so. 

    I’m pretty lazy and didn’t search much but I think your links go right to the best price on beeswax and the almond oil. Already have coconut so didn’t check that one. 

    Hands are on the brink of cracking in Indiana so plan to try this when Amazon delivers the goods.

  7. I love these ideas! My sister usually makes gifts for her kid’s teachers, so I’ve been sending her some of your posts. Thanks for sharing these 🙂