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If you’re new around here, confessions are a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment.

I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it. Let’s get started! 

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Confession 1

I know I’m getting older, so that is likely part of my rant, but are the headlights of new cars getting stupidly bright, or is it just me? Like unnecessarily bright?! As in IN YOUR FACE bright?

The worst perpetrators, just like the annoying “creator” is the Teslas. It’s like they are trying to burrow the lights into my freaking skull. I can see a Tesla coming from 400 miles away this time of year.

I have astigmatism so, in the dark, all headlights throw off orbs, but it seems that starting in 2020 or so, brand-new vehicles come standard with strobe headlights that are trying to run me off the road.

If you’re curious, this photo shows how it looks to drive at night with astigmatism. What I see at night is the photo on the left.

Confession 2

I found a sweater at Goodwill a few months ago, and visually, this sweater does NOTHING for me. It looks fine but isn’t all that flattering. But it’s SO FREAKING SOFT that it feels like I’m living on the inside of one of Bennett’s stuffies.

I loved it so much that I checked ThredUp for the brand and bought three more – two for me and one for my sister. The brand is Dreamers and I believe we should all own these sweaters.

Confession 3

Bennett’s love of reading has just blossomed in the last month. Now he wants to read to me at bedtime. It’s slow going but nothing makes my nerdy mom heart happier than when my kids fall in love with the written word.

The only problem is, whereas I used to skip over repetitive words shown in illustrations, Bennett now reads EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE. He even ticks them off on his fingers.

Confession 4

I finally accepted the lie my brain had been protecting me from for years – I needed new…smaller bras. And I know what you’re thinking, “do they actually make smaller bras than what you were already wearing”? Sigh, yes, they do.

My rib cage expanded with each pregnancy, and what started out as a broad Nordic back has converted into something that makes me look like a warrior princess. But with smaller cups needed, now, I have to find what amounts to a training bra that would also fit the circumference of the pillars at Stonehenge.

Confession 5

At some point in the late summer (early Fall?) I made a dessert recipe from another blog that involved a ton of steps. This site doesn’t have the same recipe card software that I do, so she didn’t have the measurements embedded under each step.

My friends, I spent so much time scrolling back and forth up this woman’s site just trying to figure out how to make this freaking cake. It was (first world) exhausting.

It made me so thankful that my software allows me to make life easier for you sweet people. And it makes me grumpy that this is not a standard feature.

Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess? Want more confessions? Read more herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here. Or read the whole darn archive here.

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  1. My confession is sort of related to yours—I try to go brakes often as possible. Post pandemic, I just don’t care for them anymore :). And, I’m a double D, so I probably shouldn’t be going brakes 😂😂😂

  2. I also have astigmatism, so the picture on the left surely makes sense to me. Does anyone else ever wonder if you’re also somehow seeing a halo on the lights for the “normal” side, or just me? When it’s dark and rainy I drive with an iron grip on the steering wheel squinting into the night – it’s really better for everyone if hubby drives! Lol

    And ugh, the absolute dread I have trying to find bras. I haven’t even had kids, but somehow I also have an Amazonian rib cage?? I have finally found that I can often find a 40B online (it’s oddly hard to find in stores, and I once overheard a sales lady telling someone else they literally don’t even carry 40B – in Maidenform of all places!) and while that is too big cup-wise, I can at least breathe. I just get them padded so my small boobs have less space to fill. If you haven’t already found them, they also make extenders that you can get on Amazon that just clip to one side of the bra clasp and give you a lil extra breathing room.

    1. I never realized it was a thing and that everyone saw halos while driving. Last year, Troy’s cousin posted the pic I linked when it hit Fall and I had a “whoa, this isn’t what everyone experiences” moment. I was also 40 before I realized my heinous periods weren’t normal, so I guess I’m learning a lot these days. 🙂

      Oh, my rib cage was giant before kids and then just kept growing! I used those extenders during pregnancy and they’re worth every single penny! I find myself wearing “bralettes” whenever the shirt I am planning to wear will work with one. My favorite are from Pact.

  3. I also have astigmatism and wear glasses for night time driving. I had my my glasses treated with a tint for glare and that has helped with flare from lights at night.

    1. As far as I know, my new(ish) glasses have some sort of coating on them. But I’d have to double-check if it is for night driving.

      My last pair of glasses lasted me 20 years, and I got a new pair in late 2019.

  4. Lol – can’t stop laughing at your bra description. 

    I hate the car lights at night also. Also HATE the morons that have no car lights on at dawn and dusk and no one can see them. Not cool, not cool. 

    Recovering from a nasty 24 hour GI bug – literally can’t remember throwing up that much my whole life. Truly truly forgot how horrible throwing up is. 

    I received a gift card to Amazon and spent hours researching kitchen dish towels. So pleased with my final selection. Hubby and I are extremely picky about the feel, drying time of towels and look of them. First world problem I know. Made me feel old to be that interested in dish towels, lol. 

    Received a pair of muk luk cabin socks for Christmas and absolutely freaking love them. Can’t believe how warm and soft and comfy they are. 

    Trying to commit to a no spend January but can’t quite do it cause I love to see what everyone gets rid of at the thrift shops so I may have to reschedule it for February.