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If you’re new around here, confessions is a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment. I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it. Let’s get started! 

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Confession 1

Sometimes when I’m chopping firewood or making kindling, the ax will alllllmost chop the piece of wood in half. But a tiny bit will still be holding it together.

It’s in those moments that I pretend I’m Captain America and I rip them apart with my hands.

Confession 2

Bennett has been enjoying trying the different school lunches this year. And since they’re free to all students, I’m loving not packing lunches. We’ll look at the menu the night before and he decides if he wants a packed lunch or school lunch the next day.

One night I told him the next day’s lunch was a chicken drumstick and he was very enthusiastic to try it. Well, he came home the next day and announced quite loudly, “that was NOT ice cream”.

For non-US readers, a Drumstick ice cream is a sugar cone that has a chocolate coating on the inside, a scoop of vanilla on top and then covered in chocolate shell and peanuts. It’s delicious and absolutely would have been an amazing lunch.

Confession 3

There is a property near us with a giant pond. It’s probably an acre or so, but I’m terrible at estimating those kinds of things. So just picture a giant giant pond.

Recently, we drove by it and all but a little water in the pond was GONE. This has never been a seasonal pond, and right now there is enough rain to maintain it anyway.

So, WHERE DID THE WATER GO? Where? Did they drain it, and if so, into what? The amount of water in this pond would have caused notable flooding if it was diverted. It would have taken hundreds of tanker trunks to pump this water out.


Confession 4

I firmly believe that every meal of the day has a highlight. For instance, if your breakfast has a piece of bacon with it, the highlight is obviously that bacon. I call those items the “dessert”. There are breakfast desserts, lunch desserts, and dinner desserts. And I always save those components to eat last.

It confuses Troy so much because he questions what if I’m full by the time I get to the “dessert”. I eat each component on my plate until it is gone, and then move onto the next. But I’m excellent at knowing how much of everything I will want when I dish up. There is always room for my “dessert”.

Confession 5

People who spit on the high school track need to be publicly shamed. It’s not grass; the weather will not just “absorb” your spit, you disgusting, disgusting human.

Confession 6

One of my favorite teachers ever was a long-term substitute we had in 7th grade. Every day she would draw a face on the board with a smile, flat line mouth, frowny face, mad face, etc. She basically invented emoji before they were cool.

And she told us early on in her substituting run with us that the face on the board was her mood for the day and we were expected to act accordingly. And if we didn’t, then we only had ourselves to blame for getting into trouble.

I.Freaking.Loved.This. I always knew where we stood with her. I knew the days we could be a little sillier, and the days we needed to be quiet and focused. I wish we all walked around with an indicator emoji on our shirts that showed our true feelings.

Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess? Want more confessions? Read more herehereherehereherehereherehere, and here. Or read the whole darn archive here.

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  1. Bloggers who don’t acknowledge comments on their own sites. That’s a real aggravation for me. When I read something I comment on it. If there’s a question, I answer it. Not everyone will continue to read your blog, nor should they.
    Spitting in public is never ok. It’s a sign of an ill bred person with no manners.
    Greeting someone when you pass them with a smile should be reciprocated. Manners again…
    Number one off all time..chewing gum in public, especially by professionals, adults of any age & children over 12.
    There’s my confession for this beautiful chilly March morning.
    Have a great day & let people know what happened to the lake water…it’s been since February.

    1. I don’t think I’ll ever find out what happened to the pond water. It’s private property and I doubt they’ll let me just knock on their door and ask. But oh buddy how I want to!!

      (ETA) RE: comments, this is a great opportunity to practice the dying societal art of giving someone grace. I’d say 90-99% of bloggers are a one-person show. That means they are the ones doing ALL the tech support, design work, writing, research, photos, social media, comments, etc. For most bloggers, the posts you see on their site involve about 10-30 hours of work before it’s even been published.

      Check their site – are there a lot of posts that have comments that haven’t been responded to? Or could it be a one-off? Could they have had a sick kid, been traveling, had a spouse or partner who was sick, or just needed to close their laptop to save their sanity?

      The person behind the blog is exactly that, a person. They’re not a machine or a corporation. They have real lives outside of the internet and sometimes things fall by the wayside or get forgotten.

  2. I know it’s not realistic but I honestly don’t like the idea of public spitting at all. I’m sure that there is much worse but I absolutely hate stepping on/almost stepping in a fresh loogie (splng?) in a gas station parking lot.

    1. I think you spelled loogie correctly and the fact that we even have to guess means it’s gross and something we don’t want to talk about. Blech!

  3. I always save the best part “dessert” of the meal for last too! I tell my husband when he cooks the meal the last thing I eat on my plate was my favorite part of the meal. He said “Then why don’t you eat it first”, dear man, I want to end the meal on a happy note! lol

    1. If I was ever a teacher I would so do this too. I think it works better with older kids but it’s worth a shot with the littles too.

  4.  I unabashedly LOVE the confessions posts. Don’t ever stop.
    1. A touch more girly perhaps, but I can’t walk down an open staircase without pretending I’m making a dramatic entrance. 
    2. I made mini meatloaf and mashed potato cupcakes for my kids as an April fools day meal. My daughter has yet to forgive me 15 years later. Food disappointment lasts.
    3. I also need to know where the water went. Report back.
    4. Eating each component separately is a sign of a well organized mind. So I tell myself.

    1. I do admit to struggling sometimes to come up with things. I keep a “confessions” note on my phone and add things when I think of them. However it always seems to happen when I’m driving and by the time I can write it down, it’s out of my brain. Alas.

  5. Even though I prefer Iron Man to Cap, I would totally do the same thing!!!!!
    I feel bad for laughing at the drumstick thing. I laughed right out loud.  I can just picture his supreme disappointment when he was not given the drumstick he had pictured (we have those in Canada too, they are delicious)  I think you need to grab a pack the next time you get groceries to make up for it (and… everyone gets one! Total win!)
    Now I want to know where the water went!
    I tend to eat my food one item at a time, too.  Usually from ‘worst’ to best.  Doesn’t everyone?
    Actually…. that is not true.  I’ll eat fries first every time.  Because they are gross cold.  But they are often the “best” thing on the plate.

    1. Troy often takes them for ice cream if he’s home on Saturdays and Bennett never chooses a Drumstick. Go figure; they are delicious!

      Fries are definitely better eaten fresh.