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If you’re new around here, confessions are a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment.

I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it. Let’s get started! 

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Confessions 1

A few months ago, Bennett came home from school to tell me he had lunch in Mrs. T’s classroom. Mrs. T is our school counselor.

Me: Oh, how was that?
Bennett: Fun!
Me: Mrs. T is there for kids who are having big feelings. Are you having big feelings? It’s ok if you are. Want to talk about it?
Bennett: (looks at me like I’m an idiot), um, she has a bunny and I get to play and snuggle with the bunny during lunch.

Turns out one of Bennett’s friends at lunch HAD been having big feelings a few weeks before. So, Mrs. T brought him into her room and told him he could invite two friends.

When my little con artist realized there was a bunny in there, he somehow finagled it into they got to have lunch in there every Thursday. He’s the animal-motivated elementary version of the Tinder Swindler.

Confessions 2

Jack’s soccer team and Bennett’s baseball team all use an app called Sports Engine. It allows the team to put in the games and practices, for us to RSVP, and for a team group chat.

Overall it’s fine, despite being VERY slow lately. But it is free, so I can’t complain too much.

In the group chat you can “like” a comment. Most of us do this to respond to a coach’s note about which uniform to bring, that practice is starting a few minutes late, etc. Just an “ok, cool, acknowledged”.

But, the thing I HATE is that the option says “like” and then it puts a heart next to the comment. If you give me the option to like something, give it a thumbs up. The heart looks creepy in most instances.

Confession 3

I truly don’t understand being afraid of appliances. I’m part of many Facebook groups for air fryers and Instant Pots. This is a work thing because we can share our recipes, and that brings us traffic.

But almost daily, a new member will join and post “I’ve had my air fryer for 3 months now but it’s still in the box. I’m too scared to use it”. Whhhhhhhhat?

I’m not making fun of anyone for these fears, but it’s just an appliance. The Instant Pot is not the pressure cookers of the 1920s that had issues. An air fryer is essentially a countertop convection oven. Are you scared of the oven?

I always respond “choose something small and cheap to start with. You can do this! I believe in you so hard”.

Confession 4

Jack’s orthodontist sends an obnoxious amount of confirmation emails, texts, and calls. It’s basically the teeth version of from The Office. If you know, you know.

Time is money and I understand that people forget about appointments and therefore screw up the schedule of the office. But Jack has been a client for three years now and not only has he not even missed an appointment, but he’s also 15 minutes early.

Add me to a special VIP list for people who always show up and don’t need to be hounded. Please and thank you.

Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess? Want more confessions? Read more herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here. Or read the whole darn archive here.

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  1. The multiple reminders by text, email, and phone for appointments drive me crazy. I’ve removed my phone number completely from my medical group’s records. Every time I call in with a question they point out that my phone number is not on record and ask if they can add it and I say “No, unless your system has figured out how not to call and text me 4 times to remind me about each appointment” they also try the “I need to know your number so I can get in touch with you in case we get disconnected” to which I say “I can call YOU back!”

  2. With regard to your Confession 4, after 3 years we are *still* trying to remove our email from the Hungarian motorway vignette (autobahn toll) newsletter. Like clockwork, twice a month we receive the newsletter, along with holiday greetings and reminders to renew. Makes us laugh, actually. 

    My Confessions. 
    1. Now that our daughter has officially accepted her PhD fellowship at UDub, I confess that I wake at night panicked with thoughts about crime in the area. She is a smart young woman (astrophysics), and tall, thin and blonde; but she has only lived in some of the safest cities in the world her entire young life and can be a bit spacey (pun intended) about personal safety. I’m thinking we should encourage her to take a self-defense course?

    2. I confess that I wish the birds of prey in our neighborhood to swoop down and carry off the three cats that our neighbors turn loose every morning. One of those wretched felines perches on our terrace, waiting to pounce at the birds on the feeders. We’ve spoken to our neighbors, and they’re like, “Well, Cat is an outdoor cat.” I would be sorry-not sorry for some great circle of life moments. 

    1. I think even if you live in the safest city in the world, self-defense or at least pepper spray is a great idea. Every episode of Dateline starts out with “it was the kind of place where no one locks their doors, until…”.

      Bottom line (in my mind), bad things happen everywhere and we always need to be ready.

  3. Group Me is what we use and it has the heart to respond as agree. I also find it weird. I just want to have that thumbs up or okay. The RSVP thing sounds great rather than a message every few minutes, “George will be there.” “Vivien can’t make it we have (XYZ).” on game day or for practices.

  4. When we got our new laundry unit (stacked washer-dryer unit, I adore it), I was a little “afraid” only in the sense that I was worried I’d break it by doing something stupid. I studied that manual like I was cramming for the SATs. So maybe that’s the ‘fear’ people are talking about. I am often intimidated by new technology.

  5. I think Bennett sounds like a genius!

    I got both a personal phone call AND a text on Tuesday to remind me of an upcoming appointment.  I’ve never missed one either.  I do tend to breeze in one or two minutes before the scheduled time though.

    I don’t understand why people get appliances then let them sit because they are afraid of them either.  Why did you get it then?   I was a bit ‘afraid’ that my first Instant Pot meal would not work (it did!), but I wasn’t afraid of the machine. 

    Mine confession is that I am annoyed that most delivery people cannot read the full address.  We specify “side door” and most of the time they (except one great amazon guy!) chuck the package on our front porch.  It is only 10-15 more steps to the side door!
    I also don’t understand why they like to carefully place the package right in front of the door when they don’t toss it.  It is a screen door that OBVIOUSLY opens outwards.  WHY make it so I have to use the door to shove the package out of the way, then step out in my socks to retrieve it???  Especially on the front porch where the package often gets stopped by the stones and turns into a door stop. 

    1. I hear you on delivery people not following instructions. We have an exposed front porch and a covered side porch. I even paid real money for a polite sign asking that packages be placed on the side porch (about the same distance away from the front porch as yours), and yet packages are routinely dropped at the top step of the front porch, not even tossed close to the door. SMH. 

  6. I’d spend Thursdays in the counselors office too if it meant bunny snuggles!

    Confession 1- I hate my iPhone. The two biggest reasons are 1- I can’t schedule texts. I always think of checking in with friends and family at the stupidest times, but with my android, I could type the text up and schedule it for a normal time of day. I can’t do that with my iPhone. 2- if there is a way to have my phone stay unlocked while I’m connected to my home wi-fi, I haven’t been able to figure it out. I HATE having to unlock the stupid thing every time. 
    There are more reasons why I miss my android, but those are the biggest.