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If you’re new around here, confessions are a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment.

I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it. Let’s get started! 

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Confession 1

I am obsessed with cute bento boxes, insulated lunch bags, and water bottles. Do I need ANY of these things? Noooooo, I work from home!

Does it stop me from eye-stalking them when I’m at Home Goods? It does not.

Deep in my heart, there is a part of me that thinks my life will be perfect if I just have that matching bento box/lunch bag/water bottle combo. Absolutely PERFECT.

Confession 2

You know who I was wondering about the other day? The employees and the factories that used to make those little plastic inserts that went into wallets to hold photos.

What happened to those factories with the invention of camera phones? Did they pivot and create new products? Are they still making them, on reduced staffing, for the grandparent holdouts that still carry those styles of wallets?

Confession 3

I want everyone to buy a battery-operated lawn mower when their current gas mowers die. Please.

Yes, they’re quiet. Yes, they’re more expensive to buy but so much cheaper to operate. Yes, they’re better for the environment.

But none of those are the reasons I am so passionate about battery-operated lawnmowers. For whatever reason, non-gas mowers don’t make my grass allergies go bonkers. I think it has to do with how the blades work, but I’m not a lawn mower scientist.

I can mow the lawn with our battery mower and I’m fine. If I so much as walk past someone using a gas mower in their yard, I’m sneezing my face off.

Please buy a battery-operated mower. Sure, think of the environment, but really, think of me.

Confession 4

There is a black minivan that lives somewhere within a half-mile radius of me, and I swear the driver has an Apple tag on my car.

This chick seems to ALWAYS be behind me in the morning while taking the kids to school, and let me tell you, she loves to tailgate. I happily drive 4 mph over the speed limit, but I think this bish wants to treat public roads like a NASCAR track.

And here’s the thing – sometimes we leave early. Sometimes we leave late. But always…the black minivan is up on my bumper. And we both drop our kids off at the same school, so I would think that by now, shame would have led her to back TF off.

Confession 5

Birkenstocks. I wish I could wear these, but I just can’t.

They have a cult following and everyone raves about how comfortable they are. I’ve tried them on multiple times because I want to want them, ya know? But every single time they get on my feet, my feet are like “noooooo, these hurt”!

Is there some sort of aggressive breaking-in process needed for these sandals? Because they do not feel good and I don’t get it. What am I missing?

Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess? Want more confessions? Read more herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here. Or read the whole darn archive here.

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  1. I have never found comfortable Birkenstocks. I am also not a fan of Uggs for the same reason. I feel the soles of both are hard as rocks. I much prefer my orthopedic OOFOS slides. They’re not much to look at but I feel like they take care of my feet.

    I was tailgated this morning through a residential neighborhood where we pass by an elementary school, no less than two of those speed limit/radar combo things set up by the police reminding us that the speed limit is 25 and by one of the most notorious speed traps in the city. I don’t understand what options this person thought we had. He ultimately ended up passing me in a no passing zone.

    Also, my apologies, but my next mower will be a riding mower. I’ve wanted one for a long time. Does it matter that I have a front and back lawn the size of postage stamps? No.

    1. Taking care of feet are soooooo important. I learned that lesson early on and hopefully, my body will thank me when I’m older.

      I’m familiar with that kind of jerk. I’m always hoping there is a cop hiding by the school to really nail them with a ticket. Never happens, but I’ll keep dreaming.

      Ha! My lawn is the tiniest. I’m not sure a riding mower would even be able to turn around in it. But good luck with your dream purchase! 🙂

  2. I am on the search for the perfect traveling backpack. I do not want one with a laptop compartment. I want one to be my personal item airline travel bag. And all the backpacks have dumb laptop sections. I want to put my clothes in there! So frustrating! I bought a Kanken backpack which would be perfect, but I need it to be about 18L, not 14L. Just got a Calpak backpack, but that danged laptop compartment is not going to work . . . cool backpack for a laptop, but I don’t wear my laptop. So, I want to keep buying all the backpacks until I find what I want and need. My husband has no idea. And I am not going to tell him. Shhhhhh . . .

    1. Oh yeah, I can’t think of a single backpack these days without a laptop compartment. Good luck on your search. And my lips are sealed!

  3. We had a plug-in electric mower my dad bought second-hand when I was growing up. 40+ years ago!! I even mowed with it as a kid because it was so lightweight. Started close to the house and moved away so we didn’t mow over the cord. Now that I’m old, I pay someone with the mower equivalent of a monster truck to do it. 😀

  4. We have an electric mower, as do both of our millennial neighbors! We’re big fans of the cheaper/quieter/better for the environment factors, and I especially love that it doesn’t wake me up if the neighbor decides to mow at some ungodly weekend hour like it used to with the previous owners. I wonder if gas-powered lawn mowers will slowly start to fade out with the Boomers.

    I am a dedicated Birks wearer! They don’t hurt *if your feet need the support they provide* but if you have strong, inflexible feet, they’ll press against your plantar fascia in a way you won’t like. I have crazy hypermobility so my foot basically has no internal integrity and smushes flat when I stand up, so the Birks footbed provides support my foot doesn’t provide for itself. But yes, even as a dedicated “I even own Birkenstock sneakers” wearer, there’s still a breaking-in period where I’ll wear them around the house for a week or so to avoid discomfort or blisters!

    1. Yes, sooooo much quieter! I hope the gas ones do fade away when people realize how much the electric ones rock. We have a few back up batteries (they all fit our electric mower, leaf blower, and edger) and that’s nice for big projects.

      With your hypermobility, is that just your feet or all joints and appendages? We think Bennett might have EDS and thus I am fascinated by adults who have hypermobility and can speak to it. Bennett, being 7 can basically just tell us that he has leg cramps, his joints feel “stuck”, and we notice that he’s super bendy.

  5. Birks don’t fit my feet. Neither do Blundstones. I am a west coast girl and cannot wear the  west coast full uniform (winter or summer).

    Wanda Panda sandals have been my default sandals the last two years, and I love them. They actually fit. It’s awesome. 

  6. Everyone should have a cute bento box! What if you need to eat snacks in the garden? How else will you keep them fresh on the trip out there? 😛
    I only just realised that the dashboard lights in my van are dimmable. Was on the verge of taking the van to the garage because every time I turned my headlights on the dashboard lights and the clock went dark. Turns out there is a small roller switch just where I can knock it with my knee on the way out of the van if I am clumsy (so most of the time) which controls the dashboard and clock brightness.

    1. The funny thing is, we HAVE bento boxes. And cute water bottles. I don’t need more but I want more.

      Your knee was gaslighting you! How long had that been going on?

  7. I cannot for the life of me wear Birkenstocks – they hurt hurt hurt to try on. I refuse to give a penny for shoes that hurt. Several people I know admit they hurt their feet but they think they are cool shoes so they just keep wearing them. Life is too short for barking feet. 

    My hubby rented a back hoe over the Memorial Day weekend. He told me he was going to move a pile of dirt. I came home after a long shift of work (health field) and literally peed, changed, grabbed a water bottle and got into my car and left. He tore TORE out our whole backyard which was lush and green and relaxing and my de stress spot  for the whole spring, summer and fall. I was stunned and gutted.  I needed to find a place that had no ringing phones or patients screaming at me so I went to a cemetery. It was a delightful 90 minutes. I read all the tombstones and realized how lucky I am to have my hubby and family. So many sad stories and mysteries there in the graveyard. 
    Still not sure why he didn’t tell me his vision but I’m keeping him, lol. 

    I tried cooking a lot of meals in one day a few weeks ago and now I’m addicted. I love popping a container in the microwave when I get home from work and not working in the kitchen for another 60-90 minutes every night. I might continue this the whole summer – it’s amazing!

    Can’t wait to hear the update on the girls (the chickens)!

    1. Oh man, I typed out a really long response to this and then my computer ate it. Sigh.

      Hope the backyard “project” will be brief and restore some sanity to your life.

  8. I also do not work outside of the home, but I have an insane amount of travel mugs.  And I was just saying, last night, that I need an insulated lunch bag to transport the two cold drinks we take to a twice-monthly event.  How do I not already have something like that??? 

    My husband bought a battery powered mower a few years ago and LOVES it.  He was skeptical since he loved his big, heavy gas powered one, but he still comments about how great this one is, possibly even better than the beloved John Deere (but that got too heavy and difficult with his bad, bad back).  And it is much easier to push and start, too.

    I wonder if the tailgater is complaining to her friends about the ‘slowpoke’ who always seems to be in front of her!  haha!

    Birkenstocks DO have a break-in period.  I wore mine around the house for about a week or so when I first got them.  An hour here and there, until they kind of molded to my feet.   Having said that though, they never, ever hurt my feet.  So maybe they just are not for you.  It would be a pretty pricey experiment.  (also, if you get synthetic sandals, do not rest them near a campfire to dry them after wearing them back from the beach.  They will melt, even if you think they are far enough away from the heat.  Trust me. (*sniffle*)

    1. Battery mowers are definitely lighter than the gas ones. And they don’t smell and aren’t greasy and gross. So glad he has found that it helps with his back as well.

      RIP your campfire sandals. 🙁