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32 Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes

32 of the best Make-Ahead Breakfast recipes to help you and your family get out the door on time. Pop some of these simple breakfast recipes in the freezer and make it simple for kids to make their own meals. You’ll even find easy breakfast ideas that are vegan, low-carb, Whole30, and keto options.

24 photos of make-ahead breakfast recipes in a collage

I officially declare the time for rough mornings is OVER. No more fighting and yelling at the kids to hurry up and eat their breakfast (just my house?) because these 31 make-ahead breakfast ideas will have everyone excited to chow down!

Many of these recipes are freezer-friendly which means you’re about to have a house full of people who can heat up their own food. Which makes you a freaking genius!

If you’re looking for more ways to prep food ahead of time, check out all the tips and tricks in Easy Healthy Meal Prep. Having a variety of food on hand always makes it easier to create recipes. Check out our Pantry Essentials to see how we keep our kitchen stocked.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Bowls

It’s so nice to have everything in one dish and ready to go for a fast and healthy breakfast on the go. These speedy breakfast recipes will keep you full and happy until lunch.

A bowl of instant pot yogurt with blackberry syrup and oats on top

Peanut Butter Brownie Overnight Oats
This healthy and easy breakfast in a jar is about to be your new favorite simple make-ahead meal. 
Check out this recipe
Instant Pot Yogurt
Learn how easy it is to make delicious Instant Pot Yogurt. Real food, no fillers or additives - just simple creamy yogurt.
Check out this recipe
Instant pot yogurt
Banana Overnight Oats
Naturally sweetened with banana, and gut-friendly with yoghurt and a long soak to ferment the oats, make-ahead breakfast is creamy, dreamy, and packed with good nutrition.
Check out this recipe
Hummus & sweet potato breakfast bowl
A nutrient-dense vegetarian breakfast to help you get out of the boring ol' breakfast rut.
Check out this recipe
Slow Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oats Recipe
Wake up to delicious steel cut oats for breakfast with this fabulous slow cooker apple cinnamon oats recipe. Your whole family will love this great tasting, hearty morning meal.
Check out this recipe

Make-Ahead Pancakes/Muffins/Pastries

There is something that feels so special about baked goods in the morning, and having a stash in the fridge or freezer makes for easy mornings.

A hand pouring syrup on a stack of whole wheat pancakes

The Fluffiest Whole Wheat Pancakes Recipe
An easy from-scratch recipe for the Fluffiest Whole Wheat Pancakes you've ever had. 
Check out this recipe
A stack of whole wheat pancakes topped with fruit and a mug of coffee in the background

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls {Make Ahead Cinnamon Rolls}
Soft, gooey, and delicious - homemade Overnight Cinnamon Rolls from scratch is an amazing treat to make for your loved ones. Wake up to fresh cinnamon buns.
Check out this recipe
two plates with overnight cinnamon rolls, a fork, and orange juice
Cinnamon Apple Donuts {Whole Wheat Donuts}
Cinnamon Apple Donuts are the best homemade donuts you'll ever eat! Soft and sprinkled with crunchy cinnamon sugar, you'll love these baked apple donuts.
Check out this recipe
3 cinnamon apple donuts stacked up with apples and a bottle of milk
Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
These Double-Chocolate Zucchini Muffins are the best muffins you'll ever try! Moist and easy to make, your kids will never even know they are healthy.
Check out this recipe
three double-chocolate zucchini muffins and a glass of milk with a straw on a wooden board
Have a special breakfast treat without the extra fuss! Make these easy breakfast pastries ahead of time and keep them in the freezer until needed.
Check out this recipe
This blueberry french toast casserole is perfect for early morning breakfast. Packed full of fresh blueberries, you’ll be craving more!
Check out this recipe

Make-Ahead Breakfast Egg Dishes

The incredible and humble egg opens up so many opportunities for delicious breakfast meal prep!

a skillet of scrambled eggs with a bowl of berries

Make-Ahead Scrambled Eggs {Scrambled Eggs For a Crowd}
The perfect simple breakfast recipe for busy mornings, Easy Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs are great for one or for a crowd.
Check out this recipe

Instant Pot Egg Bites {Whole30, Paleo, Dairy-Free}
Learn how easy it is to make this copycat Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites recipe in the Instant Pot. You can also make these Whole30 and paleo bites in the oven.
Check out this recipe
whole30 egg bites on a plate with chimichurri
Mini Quiche Appetizers {Muffin Tin Quiche}
Perfect for make-ahead breakfasts or hors d'oeuvres, Mini Quiche Appetizers are always a hit! Delicious freezer-friendly muffin tin quiche.
Check out this recipe
three mini quiche appetizers on a plate with tomatoes and herbs
Bacon and Egg Rolls {Breakfast Egg Rolls}
Crunchy Bacon and Egg Rolls are a delicious and fast breakfast, appetizer, or snack. Breakfast egg rolls are baked, not fried and are so simple to make.
Check out this recipe
bacon and egg rolls on a grey plate with berries
8 Minute Low-Carb Scrambled Egg Breakfast Jars
8 Minute Low-Carb Scrambled Egg Breakfast Jars are about to revolutionize your mornings. If you’ve never cooked scrambled eggs in the microwave – get ready to be impressed!
Check out this recipe
Takes mere minutes to throw together and is lighter than your usual frittata. Serve it warm or cold, for breakfast, lunch or even picnic snack.
Check out this recipe

Make-Ahead Breakfast Casseroles

Prepare this Overnight Sweet Potato & Sausage Breakfast Casserole at night and wake up to a warm, delicious, and healthy breakfast the whole family will love!
Check out this recipe
Healthy Breakfast Casserole with Vegetables
This healthy breakfast casserole is quick and easy to prepare and is loaded with veggies!
Check out this recipe

Slow Cooker Ham, Cheese and Veggie Frittata
If you need a quick and easy holiday breakfast dish that you can make ahead, this Slow Cooker Ham, Cheese and Veggie Frittata is it! This crock pot egg casserole is also a great way to use up leftover ham.
Check out this recipe


chocolate quinoa in a bowl with raspberries and coconut flakes for a make-ahead breakfast

Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl is a delicious and filling way to start your day. This vegan and dairy-free breakfast quinoa is about to improve your morning routine for the better.
Check out this recipe
breakfast quinoa

Healthy Cinnamon Apples - Steamed Apples {Vegan, Whole30}
Simple and sweet, this Stovetop Cinnamon Apple Recipe is the perfect healthy comfort food. A bowl of cozy cinnamon apples are paleo, and Whole30.
Check out this recipe
Vegan Caramel Monkey Bread! Gooey, sweet, fluffy homemade pull apart bread with vegan caramel sauce. Let the dough rise overnight, then put it together quickly in the morning for a decadent breakfast.
Check out this recipe
The best vegan breakfast burrito recipe made with scrambled tofu and homemade slow-roasted vegan breakfast hash.
Check out this recipe
Healthy Caramel Chia Seed Pudding
Not your average Chia Seed Pudding! This one is blended until smooth & creamy then layered up with healthy date caramel. Add some crunchy toppings of choice & you have a delicious, protein-packed & filling breakfast, snack or dessert!
Check out this recipe

Sides and Add-ons:

Strawberry freezer jam in a small jar with a bowl of strawberries in the background

Whole30 Breakfast Sausage {Gluten-Free, Paleo}
Whole30 Breakfast Sausage is so simple and delicious. You can't beat the flavor or quality of making breakfast sausage yourself. 
Check out this recipe
Three sausage patties on a plate with strawberries and herbs in the background

How to Bake Bacon in the Oven
Learn how to bake bacon in the oven in this easy tutorial.
Check out this recipe
slices of cooked bacon on a grey plate
Whole30 Potatoes - Skillet Fried Potatoes {Whole30, GF, Veg}
One of the best side dishes ever, Whole30 Potatoes are sure to be a family favorite. Great for breakfast or as a side for meals, these Whole30 skillet potatoes are vegan and gluten-free.
Check out this recipe
skillet fried potatoes in a cast iron skillet with rosemary and ketchup
Blackberry Syrup {Canning Blackberry Syrup}
Homemade Blackberry Syrup is an easy first project for canning. This healthy(ish) recipe is perfect for pancakes, ice cream, or drinks.
Check out this recipe
blackberry syrup
Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe
This Strawberry Freezer Jam Recipe is so simple to make. Just three ingredients and 20 minutes to your own homemade strawberry jam.
Check out this recipe
Strawberry jam in a small jar with a bowl of strawberries in the background
Easy no-bake cereal bars take about 5 minutes to make and require only three ingredients: cereal, peanut butter, and honey. Perfect as an on-the-go breakfast or afternoon snack!
Check out this recipe

What is your favorite meal prep breakfast to get yourself out the door quickly?

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