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Fresh produce in fall is abundant and perfect for preserving for the long months ahead! Learn what to can, preserve, and eat in fall, as well as delicious recipes for seasonal produce.

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Fall is when my inner squirrel comes alive and I want to stash ALL the food! Thankfully, fall/autumn offers incredible fresh seasonal produce that includes some of your favorites.

Whether you want to can, dry, freeze or just make incredible fresh meals, you’ll find amazing tutorials and recipes for using or saving all the goodness this season has to offer.

If you are new to canning, you’ll want to check out this list on Canning Supplies and Equipment to make sure you’re getting started off on the right foot. And head over to our list of What to Can in Winter, What to Can in Spring, and What to Can in Summer.

If canning is not your jam, check out this post on How to Freeze Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

What to Can, Preserve, and Eat in Fall


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